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Our Covid-19 Safety Measures

The safety of our guests and staff has always been our number one priority. 

We've been operating world-class guided walks for over 30 years—constantly enhancing our operational knowledge and procedures to deliver an outstanding guest experience, with a principal focus on the safety of our guests and staff. 

Our team of senior leaders meet regularly to discuss our ongoing response to Covid-19 and ensure our decisions are based on the latest information, protocols, and advice from health authorities. This knowledge has informed the further development of our normal safety and risk mitigation strategy to activate new measures around Covid-19.  Our Covid-19 safety measures are routinely reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance with any new directives from health authorities.

The following Covid-19 safety measures have been implemented on all walks operated in Tasmania by the Tasmanian Walking Company.  


Hay fever/allergies have very similar symptoms to, and can be confused with, Covid-19 symptoms. Current government guidance states anyone with new or worsening symptoms that are believed to be related to hay fever or allergies, must be get tested for Covid-19.

Listed below are some actions you can take to reduce the risk of hay fever and allergies disrupting your walk;

  • Notify our Reservations Team by providing detailed information when completing your Guest Information Form or; provide a medical certificate stating that you suffer with hay fever or allergies.
  • Ensure that any hay fever or allergy symptoms are kept under control during your walk. Bring your medication with you and take this on a regular basis throughout the trip in line with medical advice from your practitioner or in keeping with guidelines specific to your medication.
  • If you are likely to present with hay fever or allergy symptoms on the morning of your trip departure, we ask that you act in accordance with government advice and get tested for Covid-19. If you present with hay fever or allergy symptoms, evidence of a negative Rapid Antigen Test result taken within 72-hours prior to your walk departure date, is required to be sighted by your guides upon your arrival to our walker base.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests are available at our walker base if you are unable to access one prior to your walk departure.

Further information applicable to testing for hay fever and allergies is available on the Tasmanian Government testing for Covid-19 webpage.

If there is an onset of symptoms during your walk, you may be isolated from the group and removed from the trip. Tasmanian Walking Company will seek advice from public health and resultant action may include evacuation or other measures to limit exposure to others. You may incur a loss of part, or all, of your walker fee and other costs associated with evacuation.


Due to the close-proximity in communal spaces at the walker base, lodge and/or huts and the remote nature of the location we encourage you to wear a face mask in the following settings:

  • At the walker base during the pre-walk briefing and at the conclusion of your walk. 
  • In all communal spaces at the lodge and/or huts.
  • Face masks are required to be worn for some transport sectors of your walk such as ferry and/or bus transfers.


  • We follow relevant government advice and directions related to Covid-19 vaccinations for staff.
  • We strongly encourage our staff to be vaccinated in accordance with government recommendations.
  • All staff who show symptoms are requested to not attend the workplace until they undergo a Covid-19 test and are cleared by a qualified health professional to return to the workplace.
  • All guides are trained in our Covid-19 operational response plan if a guest, guide, or staff member presents with possible Covid-19 symptoms during a trip.


  • A Covid-19 risk assessment and minimising plan forms part of the Company's greater operational risk assessment and mitigation plan.
  • Face masks are available if required for all guests and staff for use at their own discretion. We recommend and encourage you to bring your own mask for use during your walk.
  • Guides will provide a pre-departure Covid-19 safety briefing, including trip protocols and guest and staff responsibilities to ensure everyone's safety.


  • Effective 26 February 2022, all travellers will be allowed access to Tasmania regardless of vaccination status or where they have spent time prior to arrival.
  • We strongly encourage our guests to be up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations prior to joining us on the walk.  While we do all we can to ensure a safe experience for all of our guests and staff, it should be remembered that groups find themselves in relatively close confines over a number of days, thereby increasing the risk of cross-infection or identification as a close contact.  Additionally, if you become unwell the remote nature of our walks can lead to lengthy waits before obtaining professional medical assessment and treatment.


  • Our maximum group size conforms to the compliance requirements of the relevant jurisdiction.


  • If a guest, guide or staff member displays Covid-19 symptoms, our Covid-19 response plan will be activated prioritising the following steps:
        • Immediate isolation of the Covid-19 symptomatic person(s) from the group.
        • Liaison with local medical authorities.
        • Guests, guides or staff members displaying symptoms consistent with Covid-19 will managed in line with public health advice, which may include evacuation from the trip.

In the event of evacuation, you may incur a loss of part, or all, of your walker fee and other costs associated with evacuation.


  • Company vehicles must be cleaned regularly and before it is returned to company offices for use by a different person. Logs of such cleaning activity must be noted in vehicle logbooks.
  • Any person presenting with virus symptoms must not travel in the vehicle at the same time as other non-symptomatic participants.


  • Stringent hand washing/sanitisation before, during, and after food preparation.
  • Guides to prepare and serve all food. Guests are not to touch group utensils.
  • Guests are never to assist with cooking or cleaning.
  • All surfaces to be wiped down at minimum twice daily with disinfectant products.


  • As per our normal operating procedures, sleeping bag liners and pillowcases are washed after every trip.  We continue to investigate new or additional measures to enhance our cleaning procedures to ensure we consistently maintain Covid-19 safe best practice. 
  • We continue to offer twin-share accommodation on the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Cradle Mountain Huts, Three Capes Lodge Walk and Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. 


  • Maintain social distancing on the trail.


  • Compliance with the local authority in relation to limits on the maximum number of people permitted within all enclosed spaces, including our walker base, lodge and hut communal spaces.


  • Toilets and showers are cleaned every day.


Guidelines and Covid-19 regulations are different in Victoria. If you are joining us on one of our Victorian walks you can read about the Covid-19 Safety Measures applicable to our Victorian Walks here.  








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