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Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

The safety of our guests and staff has always been our number one priority. 

We've been operating world-class guided walks for over 30 years—constantly enhancing our operational knowledge and procedures to deliver an outstanding guest experience, with a principal focus on the safety of our guests and staff. 

Our team of senior leaders meet regularly to discuss our ongoing response to COVID-19 and ensure all our decisions are based on the latest information, protocols and advice from health authorities. This knowledge has informed the further development of our normal safety and risk mitigation strategy to activate new measures around COVID-19 when walks can resume. Our COVID-19 safety measures will be routinely reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance with any new directives from health authorities.

At this stage; the following COVID-19 safety measures will be implemented on all walks operated by the Tasmanian Walking Company.  


  • We strongly recommend all staff download and activate the Australian Government COVIDSafe app.
  • Routine monitoring of staff health. 
  • All staff who show symptoms will be requested to not attend the workplace until they undergo a COVID-19 test and are cleared by a qualified health professional to return to the workplace.
  • All guides will be trained in our COVID-19 operational response plan in the event that a guest, guide or staff member presents with coronavirus-like symptoms during a trip.


  • We strongly recommend all guests download and activate the Australian Government COVIDSafe app at least 21 days prior to departure.
  • A COVID-19 risk assessment and minimising plan forms part of the Company's greater operational risk assessment and mitigation plan.
  • All guests will be required to complete a pre-departure questionnaire with specific COVID-19 questions, including whether they have travelled overseas within the last two months, have complied with any quarantine requirements, and disclosures if they have contracted and recovered from the COVID-19; or have been in direct contact with any person/s who have contracted COVID-19.
  • On arrival for the walk departure, Company staff will carry out mandatory temperature testing of all guests and staff participating in the walk, including bus drivers.
  • Face masks will be made available for all guests and staff for use at their own discretion. 
  • Guides will provide a pre-departure COVID-19 safety briefing, including trip protocols and guest and staff responsibilities to ensure everyone's safety.


  • Our maximum group size will conform to the compliance requirements of the relevant jurisdiction.


  • If a guest, guide or staff member displays COVID-19 symptoms, our COVID-19 response plan will be activated prioritising the following steps:
        • Immediate isolation of the COVID-19 symptomatic person(s) from the group.
        • Liaison with local medical authorities.
        • Guests, guides or staff members with symptoms confirmed to be consistent with COVID-19 will be evacuated from the trip so they can receive a medical review from a qualified health professional.


  • Compliance with the local authority in relation to limitations on maximum group size.


  • The use of company vehicles only where high controls over deep cleaning can be executed each time the vehicle is used by a different person and logs of such activity recorded.
  • Any person presenting with virus symptoms must not travel in the vehicle at the same time as other non-symptomatic participants.


  • Stringent hand washing/sanitisation before, during, and after food preparation.
  • Guides to prepare and serve all food. Guests are not to touch group utensils.
  • Guests are never to assist with cooking or cleaning.
  • All surfaces to be wiped down at minimum twice daily with disinfectant products.


  • As per our normal operating procedures, all linen is washed after every trip.  We are currently scoping further measures to enhance our cleaning procedures to ensure we consistently maintain COVID-19 safe best practice. 
  • We will continue to offer twin-share accommodation on the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Three Capes Lodge Walk and Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk. 
  • For Cradle Mountain Huts Walks only: Until Federal and State COVID-19 social distancing regulations are changed - all guests who are not travelling as a couple will be tentatively provided with their own room.  If social distancing regulations ease prior to your departure date, single guests may be required to share a room with another guest of the same gender.  Should single guests seek their own room, a single supplement charge will be applicable if twin-share arrangements are offered at the time of departure. 


  • Maintain social distancing procedures on the trail.


  • Compliance with the local authority in relation to limits on the maximum number of people permitted within all enclosed spaces, including our walker base, lodge and hut communal spaces.


  • Toilets and showers to be deep cleaned every day.


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