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Special Guest Leaders

These experiences are available anytime by request for private groups. 

Our incredible walks can be complemented by the guidance of leadership and wellness coaches or creative experts.

Discover the inspiring coaches and leaders we recommend below.

If you are a coach or instructor, you can bring your own group on any of our walks. We will work with you to prepare itineraries that include your content.

Prices and availability can be requested by emailing

Nadine Champion

Introducing Nadine Champion

The protégé of a legendary master, Nadine is the winner of a Gold medal at the World Cup of martial arts, an undefeated champion kickboxer and a cancer survivor; experiences which contribute to a unique perspective on adapting to change, overcoming obstacles and winning against all odds.

Nadine’s mission is to leave you feeling uplifted, focused and incredibly motivated to succeed. She is a highly sought after thought leader on courage, inner strength and resilience with a delivery that is hilarious, educational and touching in equal measure.

Her life-changing concept, 10 Seconds of Courage, is a powerful call to action that challenges people to change their thinking in order to create their own success. Having overcome life-threatening challenges, Nadine’s story of perseverance is truly unforgettable and filled with instantly useable mindset tools.

Nadine's Tedx 10 Seconds of Courage Talk

Nadine received a B.Soc.Sc (Criminology) from the University of New South Wales, has a penchant for sausage dogs and lives in Sydney, Australia.


Blue Jacket Brick Wall 3
Elisa Caro

Dr Richard Chambers and Elisa Caro

Richard is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised expert in mindfulness. He is the author of 3 books and countless journal and popular media articles, a developer of the Smiling Mind app (with over 5 million downloads), and two award-winning online courses completed by over 450,000 people. Richard is a leading an initiative to embed mindfulness in the curriculum for students at a major Australian university and has delivered mindful leadership training to Victoria Police. Over the past 20 years, Richard has helped countless people around the world use the transformative power of mindfulness to radically improve their performance, wellbeing and relationships.

TEDx Talk

ABC The Catalyst

Elisa Caro is an internationally-recognised expert in mindful relationships and relationship coach who helps clients around the world develop deeper connections with themselves and others, have more fulfilling relationships and live with greater integrity. Elisa has taught at Melbourne University, Monash University and Swinburne University. She has taught retreats and workshops to thousands of people around the world, and has featured in mainstream print and radio media.


53 Tonia Golden Spike Flinders Range Bronwen Scott

Inala Nature Birding Guides

For over 27 years, Inala Nature Tours, a family owned and operated company, has been designing and leading birding and wildlife tours across Australia. From their 1,500 acre private reserve at ‘Inala’ on Bruny Island, Tasmania, their tours extend across Australia from the lush rainforests of Queensland to the rugged landscapes of the Kimberley and beyond.

Dr. Tonia Cochran team of Inala guides possess the patience, the experience and the knowledge to craft the right birding or wildlife experience for you and can join any of our walks. They have a diversity of talents, from qualified scientists to travel experts and are united by our passion for wild Australia. 


Ric Charlesworth In Kalgoorlie Data


Ric Charlesworth is a sporting icon, both for his playing efforts and later his coaching successes.

During his sport, he studied Medicine and worked in Politics, but he will forever be known as The Coach. He specialises in knowing what triggers people (himself included) to be the best, and be their best.

Dr Ric Charlesworth is a doctor of medicine with an honorary Science degree and an Arts degree majoring in philosophy and history. He is a former captain of the Australian Hockey Team and the Western Australian State Hockey Team and Cricket Team. He played hockey for Australia for a record 17 years and played first-class cricket for nearly a decade. He was elected a member of Federal parliament in 1983 and retired 10 years later.

His plans to pursue medicine were diverted when he took on the position of National Coach of the Australian Women’s Hockey Team from 1993 to 2000. Between 2009 and 2014 he coached the Men’s team. In four World Cups and three Olympic Games, Charlesworth’s teams won Gold on 6 occasions. They won 8 of 9 Champions Trophy tournaments and 2 Commonwealth Games Gold medals… this is a record never equalled in the sport. Between 1994 and 2014 Charlesworth was ‘Coach of the Year’ 8 times!


Boonie Wants You

David Boon

For aspiring sportspeople who don’t have Olympic Athlete physiques or need to trust that hard work will pay off, David Boon is a hero. ‘Boonie’ showed what steely determination and hard work can realize - the mantle as one of Australia’s finest top-order batsmen and close fielders.

Boonie played for Tasmania when it was a fledgling cricket state. His portly figure (and legends about beer-drinking records) belied his fitness and strength. Boon was to become Australia’s top batsman in the early 90’s with brilliant centuries against the West Indies, India, and successive hundreds against England at Lords, Trent Bridge and Headingly. He was to make 21 Test tons, none better than his 184 not out in the second innings of the Bicentennial Test at Sydney to extricate Australia from a potentially match-losing position. He received the player of the match award for that knock and was voted International Cricketer of the Year.

After his playing days finished, David became an Australian Selector and is currently an IOC Match Referee. Boonie's generosity, affable nature and humility are always on display. 


Gary 2

Dr. Gary Veale

Gary is an expert on the human-nature relationship and future of work, and an experienced facilitator, speaker and trusted advisor to organisations large and small. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne, a practice partner with Monash Business School and a former Director with KPMG. He holds a PhD in the role of nature in unlocking human potential (University of Melbourne), is a qualified educator and brings over 25 years of professional experience.

Gary is currently an Executive Director at the Centre for Sustainability and Business at the Melbourne Business School



Matilda One

Life Coach Matilda Wand

Matilda is not only a Behavioural Strategist & Life Coach but also a Professional Firefighter working in Sydney NSW. She also represented Australia as a Gridiron Athlete in the 2017 World Cup and is an International Retreat Facilitator. Matilda is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Matilda is a strong and powerful woman who will lead you into a version of yourself you’ve never imagined possible by integrating her experience with various coaching modalities such as NLP, Hypnosis, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, Behavioural Analysis and Matrix Therapies. Matilda explores then reprograms her clients conscious and subconscious beliefs and behaviours. Using her powerful coaching skills you’ll experience self-discovery as you've never experienced before.


Rebecca Chabot and Pure Yoga Tasmania

Born in Mississippi, Rebecca Chabot began studying yoga and meditation in Seattle over 25 years ago. She moved to Tasmania in 2001 and has been dedicated to teaching for 15 years, in both Australia and North America. Rebecca is recognised by the international yoga community as an exceptional instructor who fuses yoga, meditation and philosophy in an accessible and relevant way.

As an ecologist, Rebecca understands the interconnection between the internal and the external, and she inspires students to use the practice as a deep dive inwards to stretch and strengthen not only the body but also the heart and mind. Pure Yoga Tasmania, offers special workshops, online courses and yoga retreats in Australia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

“Yoga for me is a way of life. My practice enables me a deeper awareness of my thoughts and emotions, and therefore of my actions. Once we are aware of what’s going on inside, we can take the reins and change what needs to be changed in our lives. It’s like returning home. ”


Dcj 2

Dugald Christie-Johnston - The Barefoot Coach 

Dugald, also known as The Barefoot Coach, is Founder and Director of Seventh Wave, a boutique business with a focus on peak performance. Partnering closely with clients, Seventh Wave’s vision is to emphatically improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations, by creating unique opportunities for them to unleash the potential within.

Dugald is known for innovative approaches that deliver extraordinary results. Dugald utilises a solution-focused approach, drawing on N.L.P. techniques, the principles of positive psychology, wholebrain thinking and emotional intelligence to create an energetic and engaging experience for clients. “We’re more productive when we enjoy what we do. Smile more, laugh more! You’ll be more present, and get more value from the experience”.



Maggie MacKellar...

Maggie MacKellar was born in 1973. She is the author of two books on the history of settlement in Australia and Canada, Core of my Heart My Country and Strangers in a Foreign Land, and two memoirs, When it Rains and How to Get There. She now lives on the East Coast of Tasmania with her partner and two children. Maggie is keen to share her experience of 'sense of place' and nature writing. Her background includes studying migration and life on farms and it brings insight and knowledge. This is an excerpt from an online interview titled ‘We’re Not Alone’: Maggie Mackellar on Memoir

'It was really good for me to write about the place I’d moved to, because it made me an observer. And I think when you’re an observer, you become more connected.'




Image By Shantau Starick

Ange Boxall

“She's kind of 1 part English Rose, 1 part Tasmanian Devil and 1 part gin-soaked Southern Belle” - Lachlan Bryan (AUS)

Performing Country / Pop  Songwriter, Ange Boxall, hails from the serene but wild beaches of eastern Tasmania. It's here that Ange resides in a big old country house built in the early 1800's and where she also co-owns Tasmanian gin Company, The Splendid Gin.  Ange is the Founder and Creative Director of ECHO Festival - East Coast Harvest Odyssey. Life is good... it's full of music, art, nature, and fun.

Signing to Checked Label Services / Sony Music Australia in late 2016, the physical release of Ange's album 'Into The Wind' debuted at #11 on the Official ARIA Australian Albums Chart across all genres, as well as #27 on the albums chart for releases from all over the world!

Ange Boxall embodies the spirit of the modern Americana star - with a 1970s singer songwriter heart. Her very own style of country-folk-pop is commercial, crystal clear, and wickedly catchy.

“Our very fave acoustic singer by a country mile!” - MONA, Museum of Old and New Art (TAS)

If you don't know Ange, check out a few of these videos.

​Website Videos | Music video 1 | Music video 2

Ange Boxall website | Echo Festival | Splendid Gin | Riversdale Mill


Tasmanian Walking Company, Overland Track, Cradle Mountain Huts Walk

Why choose a workshop in nature?

Your team can relax...
Mounting evidence compels us to be intentional about logging off, unplugging, and interacting with the natural environment to protect our mental and physical health and enhance overall performance and well-being.
Recover from distraction and fatigue...
Studies have found that walking in green spaces helps us recover from “attention overload”—the mental fatigue that comes from living and working in a world where computers and cell phones are a constant distraction.
Restore energy and focus...
The restorative effects of nature exposure  lead to a "reduction in cognitive fatigue, decreased stress levels, increased focus, increased positive affect, decreased negative affect, and decreased sympathetic nervous system activity” 
Improve your teamwork...
The experience of hiking is unique, research suggests, conveying benefits beyond what you receive from typical exercise. Not only does it oxygenate your heart, it helps keep your mind sharper, your body calmer, your creativity more alive, and your relationships happier.
Improve creativity and problem solving...
Research showed that after three days hiking in wilderness, and the participants showed increased creative thinking and problem-solving.
Experience Self-development and fulfilment...
Individuals who participate in strenuous and challenging walking activities that require planning and preparation, such as hill-walking, back-packing, and peak-bagging, recognise leisure as a means of self-development and achieving fulfilment. These demanding walking activities extend recreational walking into the outdoor pursuits that offer freeing the mind of distractions to focus on the moment, building connections with people and places as opportunities for enhancing personal well-being.

Itinerary Details

'Specialist Leader' Walks

Available by request - for groups at any time on any walk

  • Pricing upon application
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Direct bookings only:

  • Direct bookings only.  For all enquiries and bookings please contact Tasmanian Walking Company via email

Single supplement

Single supplements may be available 

Special Interest Walks - Terms and Conditions 

  • All prices are quoted per person in $AUD including GST 
  • A deposit of $500 per person and the Guest Information Form are due within five days of booking
  • Minimum numbers are required six months prior to departure. 
  • The final payment is due three months before departure. For reservations made three months or less from departure date, full payment is due at time of booking. 
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Travel and pre and post-trip accommodation expenses are not included.
  • This walk cannot be booked in conjunction with any other offers and discounts.

Please view our traditional booking terms and conditions 

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  • Return transfers between walk and our departure lounge
  • Accommodation each evening
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages, plus a limited selection of local wines
  • National Park passes
  • Use of a backpack and Gore-tex jacket for the duration of the walk
  • Linen
  • Two qualified guides for the duration of the walk


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