Bruny Island Long Weekend Retreat with The Barefoot Coach

- An immersive walking and leadership retreat in the heart of nature.

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Dates: Available by Request

The Bruny Island Long Weekend has teamed up with the Barefoot Coach, Dugald Christie-Johnston, to create a ground-breaking workshop. Journey to Tasmania’s own gem, Bruny Island and take a walk to beautiful remote places that renew, refresh and challenge. This laid-back isle is a perfect backdrop for a brilliant workshop by one of Australia’s best coaches. Dugald’s workshops inspire, engage and uplift enabling teams to achieve balance, flow and peak performance. They unleash the potential within.

This Barefoot Coach led retreat will provide a unique opportunity for reflection, learning and growth with an emphasis on leadership development. Walking connects both sides of the brain and allows time for contemplation and mindfulness. Take a break from the noise and relentlessness of urban lives. Camp beneath dark skies where the only lights are bright stars and auroras. Be embraced by a towering forest, an amphitheatre to the stars and indulge in delicious local food and wine. Discover how you and your team can perform, smarter, together and faster.

Bruny Island

The award-winning Bruny Island Walk is a quick escape by private boat from the waterfront of Tasmania’s capital Hobart to Bruny Island. Bruny Island offers desolate beaches, sea cliffs and spectacular views. It’s best enjoyed with one of the local beers, wines, oysters or some of the celebrated Bruny Island Cheese. Bruny is a place where you can listen, focus, contemplate, be renewed and inspired. During your visit, you will be treated to coastal, forest and mountain walks, fresh air and local produce and the chance to gather and converse around a fire.


  • Cost: $3,895 (non-commissionable, high season)
  • Tour Duration: 2 nights & 3 days
  • Departs: Daci and Daci, Hobart @ 7 am on Day 1
  • Returns: Brooke St Pier, Hobart @ 6 pm on Day 3
  • Maximum Group Size: 8 guests
  • Guides and hosts: Dugald Christie -Johnston and two experienced Bruny Island Long Weekend naturalist guides.
  • Accommodation: Bruny Island Long Weekend’s Private Camp. Twin-share Twin-share boutique eco-accommodation nestled into the surrounding native bushland. Single supplements are not possible on these workshops. 
  • Meals: Meals are lovingly prepared, showcasing wholesome Tasmanian cuisine. All Tasmanian wines and beers are also included.
  • Transport: All on-ground transport and boat transfers ex-Hobart 
Doug Bare

The Barefoot Coach


Dugald coaches at all levels, from Team Leaders and Frontline staff through to Senior Executives; working with high-flyers through to poor performers. He has logged hundreds of coaching hours, is an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation, and a former member of the Victorian Chapter’s Leadership Team. Dugald currently sits on the Executive Coaching Panels at several organisations. At ANZ, two of his clients received the CEO’s top 100 performer awards from over 40000 staff in recent years.

Dugald’s coaching experience began at ANZ, where he worked for 7 years. As a Senior Manager, Dugald’s role encompassed coaching, consulting, design & facilitation of high-performance programs.

Collaborating with senior teams, Dugald delivered outcomes designed to create inspiring leadership and increased performance. Dugald is an accomplished facilitator, having delivered workshops for thousands of satisfied participants. He specialises in the design and facilitation of workshops, team days and coaching programs tailored to suit the needs of the client.

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Phase 1 - Pre-walk

Prior to the walk, our reservation team will ensure you are capable of completing the walks, take care of your dietary requirements and ensure you have the right gear.  

Dugald will lead preparatory exercises including a complete Survey to determine key successes and challenges at work and to set goals for the walk using the HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) assessment. One to one and or group conversations (face to face or video conference) are arranged to discuss HBDI profiles and survey results. Pre-reading is distributed. Teams who book the entire walk can co-create the design of the program.

Possible Concepts and Models for the walk include:

  • Comfort Zone
  • Stages of Growth
  • Whole-brain Thinking
  • Journaling
  • High-Value Communication - Leadership Language
  • Positive Influence
  • Mindfulness
  • Breath Training
  • Crucial Relationships
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Mindfulness
  • Purposeful Presence and your Leadership Brand
  • Balance, well-being and resilience

Phase 2 - The Walk

Day One: Great Bay

Approximately 5-6 hours walking

The retreat begins with everyone gathering at Daci and Daci (or Brooke St Larder) to prepare with Dugald and our naturalist guides. There is time for

  • Receiving Learning Journal and Pen/pencils
  • Intention-setting
  • Introductions, Key Relationships

Your guides and fellow guests (maximum of 8) will step aboard your private boat and watch the city disappear with a cruise down the Derwent River to Bruny Island. Today our goal is to walk out to a spectacular cape on the east coast of Bruny Island.

Throughout the walk, there will be time set aside to discuss and explore

  • Flow State - Focus, and Breath
  • Neuroscience of Nature and Creativity

On returning from our walk we will wade out into the crystal-clear waters of Great Bay to learn how the famous Bruny Island oysters are farmed and shuck them straight out of the water. The perfect way to cool down after a walk!

Next stop; our camp. After a hot shower, reflection and journaling, join us in the dining house for a drink and to share stories of the day’s adventures as the guides busy themselves preparing your dinner sourced from either on the island or in the waters surrounding it.

 The evening includes Triple S Storytelling by the fire.

Day Two: East Cloudy Head

5-6 hrs walking

Awaken to the sounds of wallabies and Bruny Island’s endemic birds. Breakfast is served at our rustic cabin kitchen.

Morning workshop

  • Intention-setting
    • What will you focus on today?
    • Who will you connect with today?
  • Gratitude practice
    • What and who are you grateful for, and why?

Today’s walk is East Cloudy Head for views of Tasmania’s far south and the wild Southern Ocean. The five-hour (14km) journey begins by walking the length of Cloudy Bay Beach. Windswept and beautiful, the walk then leads us into coastal heath and up toward spectacular views of Bruny Island’s rugged south coast.

Throughout the day, there will be time again to discuss

  • HBDI profiles
  • Mindfulness
  • High-Value Communication
  • Mindfulness

Back at camp enjoy time to sit on the deck, reflect, journal, walk among the ferns, partake in another lavish shower or simply read a book while your guides prepare the evening meal.

Once more, the fire or kitchen table provide the ideal setting for the evening‘s Triple S Story-telling.

Day Three

Rise early and explore the 100-acre property and try to spot some of Bruny Island’s 150 species of birds (including all 12 Tasmanian endemics).

Morning workshop

  • Intention-setting
    • What will you focus on today?
    • Who will you connect with today?
  • Gratitude practice
    • What and who are you grateful for, and why?
  • Life Balance, well-being and resilience
  • Solving wicked challenges

Once we farewell camp, our goal is to climb through the ancient Gondwanan rainforest to the highest point of Bruny Island, Mt Mangana (4km, 3 hrs).

To finish the long weekend in style, Ray Jones at The Jetty Café’s deck will serve a multi-course lunch of Bruny Island produce as we await the arrival of our private boat on the beach below. There will also be some time to explore the gallery showcasing some of Bruny’s 60+ artists.

Throughout the day, we’ll discuss take time for further discussion:

  • Who are you? Leadership Brand and Purposeful Presence

The conclusion of the walk includes a Commitment Circle

Phase 3 - Post-walk

One month after the walk, follow up conversations.

Face to face or video conference.


More information

Who leads the walk?

The Tasmanian Walking Company provides two of their highly qualified guides, and

Dugald Christie-Johnston (The Barefoot Coach) facilitates the leadership elements.

FAQ’s, accommodation and gear:
DATES: Available By Request
TOUR INCLUSIONS: 2-nights accommodation, all meals including Tasmanian wines & produce, all on-ground transport, ferry transfer, expert coaching & guiding, National Park entries.
TOUR EXCLUSIONS: Airfares, travel insurance, accommodation in Hobart.
PLEASE NOTE: This trip is only available by request.
RESERVATIONS: group reservations will be vetted by Dugald Christie-Johnston. This is due to the need to assess suitability. Follow up reservations and all payments will be taken by The Tasmanian Walking Company.