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Wild Wellness Alcohol-Free Walk

July 8-11, 2022 | Price $4,195

Minimum 8 | Maximum 10

Are you drinking more than you’d like to and want to shift your relationship with alcohol? Spend four life-shifting days on the Three Capes Track deep-diving into nature, writing, walking and Wim Hof plunging.

This winter, you can change your life's direction and join an alcohol-free trek along the Southern Hemisphere’s highest sea cliffs, to the world’s edge. Take some time out for fireside chats with Dr Chris Davis, designer of the highly successful Clean Slate Clinic. Let Piet Blokker, a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, guide you through the power of breathwork and cold-water submersion. Prepare to embrace your story, through journal writing with author Alice Hansen. Let the healing power of nature have its way. Wild Wellness is a journey to preventative wellness that has the capacity and tools to last a lifetime.

 *Please note, this is not a medical detox. It’s available for private groups by request.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Tasmanian Walking Company on (03) 6392 2211 or email bookings@taswalkingco.com.au

Wild Wellness 2021 Walk Blog

Take the Plunge by Alix Clark. The Australian, 16/10/2021

Wild Wellness

What is the Wild Wellness Method?

This blueprint for wellness is an Australian first; taking years of science-backed knowledge and condensing it into days. It’s a simple, wholesome wellness script. There is no better place on the planet to experience Wild Wellness than Tasmania.

Australia's Productivity Commission Report estimates mental illness is costing Australia $220 billion a year. Our burdened health system cannot cope. We believe there's another way ... a wilder way. No matter what your wellness goals might be, this method is about returning to you; listening in.

The method is based on three core pillars: connection, care and commitment. Think invigorating cold dips, silent walking beneath towering rainforest, nourishing Tassie fare and fireside journal writing. You'll discover a blueprint to lasting wellness featuring insights from Director of East Sydney Doctors, Dr. Chris Davis. We take the best of the traditional model and bring it into nature’s office.

Is Wild Wellness for you?

Are you drinking too much at home? Feeling overwhelmed by life’s stress and hectic pace?  Lost touch with your identity and who you present to the world? Wild Wellness is about hopping off life’s highway, examining limiting beliefs and tapping into what matters. Plus, we’ll have fun in the process. This isn’t a four-day fix but a lasting recalibration because we know life is waiting after. We’re about tooling up for lifelong wellness.

Reclaim control and author your own life.

This retreat is for you if you feel:

  • drinking is affecting your wellness
  • your self-belief is limiting your true direction
  • you’d like wellness to be a fun adventure

*Please note, this is not a medical detox.

What is the Wim Hof Method?

It's a combination of breathing, cold therapy and commitment, offering a range of benefits. The power of the Wim Hof Method can help unlock a range of well-researched and documented health benefits including:

  • Rebalancing your immune system
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving focus, mood and cognitive function
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Balancing the body's stress response

"In need of a personal reset & reboot I booked the Wild Wellness Walk. This trip delivered just that, plus a whole lot more. Passionate & knowledgeable guides reconnected me to mother nature. Daily practice of the Wim Hof method invigorated & renewed. Evening journal writing guided by Alice Hansen gave everyone time to reflect & discuss ‘Connection, Care & Commitment.’ A trip that nourishes the body, mind & soul. Life changing for me."
- Michelle

"I joined the Three Capes Lodge Wild Wellness Walk for a chance to recharge and escape my busy life for a few days, but I got so much more than this! The combination of Wim Hof plunges, meditative breathing and mindfulness reflections whilst immersed in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet was truly transformational."
- Will

Chris Head Shot

Introducing Dr. Chris Davis

Dr Chris is a Sydney-based GP and Director of East Sydney Doctors. Originally from the UK, he was a Clinical Lead in Substance Misuse and Alcohol and a partner in a large inner city London practice for many years before emigrating to Sydney in 2014. Chris continued his studies and among other things gained a Diploma in Substance Misuse. While still in the UK, he designed the highly successful Clean Slate Clinic. This is a GP-led alcohol management and home detox clinic that he has introduced here in Australia. He’ll talk more on this and likely his miniature schnauzer Archie for hours! This is an incredible chance to converse in-depth with an expert.

 "Wild Wellness is truly a unique and innovative approach for Australian Mental Health. I consult with patients every day who would benefit from the holistic skills that are offered by the retreat. I am excited to be visiting Tasmania and being part of the program at the Cove in September." - Dr Chris Davis GP and Founder of the Clean Slate Clinic


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Piet Blokker

Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor

At the age of 21 Piet Immigrated to Australia.  He loved Australian Nature, but especially Tasmania's pristine, and preserved wilderness. He gained many skills over the years from growing cut flowers, to becoming a registered Builder.

Due to stress and not looking after his body at the age of 50 he ended up with Lymphoma and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He realized that his old life was finished and that this was the beginning of a new life. During this time he was made aware of the Dutchman Wim Hof. It made him proud to be Dutch when he watched Wim’s documentaries and without further thinking, he ordered the 10-week course. This Proved to be a life-saving decision! His awakening process started, his RA disappeared and he is now clear from cancer.

Because of the Wim Hof Method, he is able to have fun with his children and grandchildren.

*Please note, in the event of COVID-19 restrictions, the Wim Hof Method instructor is subject to change.


Alice Hansen 

Alice is a professional travel writer and author. As the founder of the Wild Wellness Method, she has cultivated relationships spanning 20+ years with experts across the wellness field. On her quest to seek answers for her own struggles, she has connected with medical experts, international thought leaders and tapped into decades of experience to formulate a proven blueprint. Writing is a key element and she’ll guide you through a journaling process tailored to your wellness journey.

When she’s not at the laptop, you’ll find her on wild Tasmanian trails.


Workshop elements: journalling and contemplative walking

The power of hitting pen to paper. It’s not new. Leonardo da Vinci’s journals spanned some 5,000 pages. But the therapeutic wonders of reflective writing didn’t emerge until the 1960s when a New York psychologist devised what he coined the Intensive Journal Method. On this walk, we won’t pen thousands of pages but we will invite self-discovery through the written word. Our Wild Wellness Journaling Method will cross our three foundational pillars.

We combine journal writing with contemplative or silent walking. In a noisy world, it’s rare to hear nature’s silence. But in this Tasmanian stillness, it’s possible to reconnect with you. Nature has a way of casting its healing spell. In Japan, it’s known as forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), and literally translates to bathing in the forest atmosphere. It doesn’t require anything of you but to tap into the senses and soak it in - the crunch of leaves underfoot, the sound of Southern Ocean waves, the eucalypt scents …

This is your walk, your words and your Tasmanian journey.

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Workshop elements


Cold therapy

Ready to invigorate your life? Discover the power of cold-water therapy - delivering everything from reduced inflammation and better sleep through to increased immunity. Our ocean and plunge pool submersions will have you feeling alive and energised.


Take a deep breath. Isn’t it about time? Learn scientific breathing techniques that work wonders and can be tapped into for a lifetime to come. This breathwork is about boosting energy, dropping stress, recalibrating the nervous system, detoxing your system and so much more.


In Tasmania, we are gifted with nature in her most wild mood. We’ll immerse you in our island landscape to soak up its transformative ways. Our naturalist guides invite reflection of its wonder through well-trained eyes. Your only task? To switch on your senses and let Tasmania’s wilderness do the rest.

Workshop inclusions

Guided by Kym, discover the power of cold-water therapy and breathwork. We’ll go deep, exploring the benefits across four days of wilderness immersion. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never dipped a toe into the Wim Hof Method or you’re an enthusiast from way back. You’ll learn strategies and tools that will last long beyond your four days, under the expert guidance of Kym or Piet. Expect to be challenged, reset and exhilarated.


Day 1: Stewarts Bay/Denmans Cove (introductory Wim Hof session + swim)
Day 2: Cold plunge (breathwork + plunge)
Day 3: Cold plunge (breathwork + plunge)
Day 4: Fortescue Bay (breathwork + plunge)


Evening 1: Tonight, we meet our Wild Wellness journals. Around the lodge fire or looking across the vast Southern Ocean we begin our writing. Alice introduces you to Wild Wellness and its three pillars; connection, care and commitment. Of the ‘three C’s’ this evening the sun sets as we contemplate connection.

Evening 2: It’s journal time. Tonight, we explore care, namely self/soul care and care for others. Do you care for yourself as you would a dear friend? We ask questions and we let answers flow.

Evening 3: Our final night is about commitment. Wellness doesn’t just happen in four days. It’s not about escaping life - your retreat is lifelong with Wild Wellness. We make our commitments in writing and ensure we have plenty of fun, nature, walking and joy weaved in.

Restaurant at the Edge of the World, Tasmanian Walking Company

Day 1: Hobart - Crescent Lodge

Approximately 2 hours walking

Upon arrival at Stewarts Bay, we will make our way down to the jetty where a private boat will be waiting to depart for our short trip across to Denman’s Cove at 1.15 pm. Cruising with views back to Port Arthur, aside from the possible seal and dolphin spotting, some of the highest dolerite cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere come into view, an indication of the drama to come.

A short wade ashore from the boats signals your arrival at Denman’s Cove, where we’ll fuel you with local produce for lunch, in preparation for a gentle walk through coastal woodland to the rocky refuge of Surveyors Cove. At this point, if the Southern Ocean begs, head for a dip before a gradual incline up to the lodge.

Crescent Lodge is perched high, with far stretching views across Crescent Bay to Cape Raoul, with guest rooms spilling into the gully. Settle in with a warm shower as your guides-come-chefs prepare a three-course feast of local fare. Post dinner, head to a quiet deck for your own private sunset.

Settle in with a warm shower before we regather at 6pm for nibbles and our relaxed meet the doctor session with Dr. Chris. Meanwhile, your guides-come-chefs prepare a three-course feast of local fare. Post dinner, head to a quiet deck for your own private sunset followed by our first journaling session.

Sunset At Cape Pillar Lodge_Three Capes Lodge Walk_Credit_Luke Tscharke

Day 2: Crescent Lodge - Cape Pillar Lodge

Approximately 5 hours walking

Wake to the silence of Crescent Lodge and wander down to the stunning dining room for a hearty breakfast to start the day. From here, head due south with views across Safety Cove and Maingon Bay to Bruny Island. Climbing Arthurs Peak, 300 metres above sea level, is worth the oceanic vista. In these parts, White Bellied Sea Eagles soar in the thermal currents, so be sure to look skyward. Lunch isn’t far away, an easy downhill descent to south-facing cliffs where pelagic seabirds are plenty - albatross, petrels and gannets. Here, there’s nothing between you and Antarctica.

Following lunch, skirt the edge of Tornado Ridge before heading south toward Cape Pillar Lodge, your base for the next two nights.

We arrive mid-afternoon at the lodge so there’s plenty of time for our Wim Hof Method-led plunge pool experience following by another ‘nibble and chat’ session with Dr. Chris. Tonight, we discuss practical steps to shift your relationship with alcohol, with a Tassie alcohol-free cocktail in hand. After dinner we re-gather for journal time.


Day 3: Cape Pillar Lodge return

Approximately 6 hours walking (optional)

This is the most adventurous day of your journey. Today you’ll walk through silver gum forest (Eucalyptus Tenuiramis), a species endemic to the area, out to the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s little wonder Cape Pillar has been afforded other names - Hurricane Heath and Desolation Gully. A side trip to The Blade is a must, with staggering views across to Tasman Island.

Lunch is served at Chasm Lookout - with Tasman Island’s weathered lighthouse in sight. It’s then a direct return journey home to Cape Pillar Lodge where the relaxation pavilion, three-course goodness and ocean views await. By now, walking strangers might just have become firm friends. Unlace the boots, read a book with sea breeze in your toes.

Tonight, before dinner Dr. Chris opens the floor for an ask me anything session. It’s ideal timing before our final journaling session where we make our personal commitments.

Hrthreecapes Nov18 Cchriscrerar 2241

Day 4: Cape Pillar Lodge - Fortescue Bay

Approximately 6 hours walking (Cape Hauy side trip optional)

Time to farewell Cape Pillar's safe forest haven. Over breakfast, Dr. Chris is available for any final lingering questions. From here you’ll cross Retakunna Creek (local indigenous dialect for creaking trees) en route to a patch of rainforest. Breathe it in - lush mosses, ferns and vibrant greens. The next mission is the peninsula’s highest peak, Mount Fortescue, climbing some 490 metres above sea level. Enjoy lunch with leafy-framed ocean views overlooking The Monument.

Take the side trip and enjoy the majesty of Cape Hauy - or simply remain with the group for a final cliff-walk descent onto the cool white sands of Fortescue Bay. This is your chance to drop the pack and sink your toes in pristine sands or perhaps take a celebratory dive into the crystal clear waves. We will then travel back to Hobart via the airport.

Itinerary Details

Three Capes Lodge 'Wild Wellness AF' Walk

July 8-11, 2022 | Price $4,195 pp 

  • 4 Day Guided Walk 
  • Each trip requires a minimum of 10 guests (Twin Share). The maximum is 14 including Alice, Kym and Chris.

Pre-screening of participants

Out of precaution we advise against participating if people;

  • Are pregnant (or looking to conceive) or breastfeeding
  • Have epilepsy
  • Suffer from high blood pressure or coronary heart disease (or other cardiovascular/heart issues)
  • Have a history of serious health issues (e.g. stroke, heart failure, COPD)
  • Have Raynaud's disease (Type 2)

If any of the above apply to you or if you have specific questions relating to your health condition, please contact Daniel@taswalkingco.com.au and seek approval from a medical professional beforehand.

All participants will be asked to complete a Health Declaration and an Indemnity Form during the reservations process.


  • All guests are required to complete a Health Declaration and an Indemnity Form which includes mention of Wim Hof Method treatments.
  • Phone: (03) 6392 2211
  • Email:  bookings@taswalkingco.com.au
  • or complete the below enquiry form

Special Interest Walks - Terms and Conditions 

These are in addition to our standard booking terms and conditions.

  • All prices are quoted per person in $AUD including GST
  • A deposit of $500 per person and the Guest Information Form are due within five days of booking
  • The final payment is due 90 days before departure. For reservations made three months or less from the departure date, full payment is due at the time of booking.
  • Cancellations
    • more than 90 days from the scheduled departure date, a fee of $350 per person will be charged with the balance payment refunded;
    • between 90 and 60 days prior to departure, you will be charged 50% of the full trip cost with the balance refunded; or
    • within 60 days of departure, no refund is available. Bookings are transferable.
  • Travel and pre and post-trip accommodation expenses are not included.
  • This walk cannot be booked in conjunction with any other offers and discounts.
  • Single supplements are not available on this walk.

COVID-19 Peace of Mind Booking Assurance

After the minimum number of bookings has been achieved, the trip is guaranteed to depart.  If for any reason, the trip cannot go ahead due to restrictions placed upon travel due to Covid-19,  guests will be permitted to reschedule their walk to the new date provided for the departure or receive a full refund with no additional fee or rebook a different Walk within 24 months. Cancellations by guests for other reasons will incur our standard cancellation fees.




  • Wild Wellness, Wild Things Anatomy and Dr Chris David practises throughout the expedition
  • Return transfers from Hobart
  • Lodge accommodation 
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages - this is an alcohol-free walk
  • National Park Pass
  • Boat transfer from Port Arthur to Denman's Cove
  • Use of a backpack and weather-proof jacket for the duration of the walk
  • Linen and comfortable beds
  • Two qualified guides for the duration of the walk
  • Wild Wellness journal
  • Wild Wellness Fressko 500ml drink bottle
  • Oh... and finally don't forget to bring comfortable athletic wear for breathwork, cosy layers for fireside journaling and bathers for cold water plunging

Additional information

  • Due to the Wim Hof Method workshops, the Relaxation Pavilion is not open for massages during this walk.
  • Have a burning question?  Check out our FAQ page, and if you need further help please don't hesitate to contact our friendly reservations team
  • Ready to start planning your next adventure and want to know what to bring. Check out our detailed gear list, including details on what's provided. If your unsure about anything on the gear list please call us or talk to you local outdoor adventure store


Need help deciding? Talk to an expert

We're here to help 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, otherwise, email us anytime and we'll be in touch.