The award-winning Bruny Island Long Weekend takes you by private boat from the waterfront of Tasmania’s capital Hobart to Bruny Island.  During your visit, you will be treated to coastal walks, produce directly from the source, luxury camping and exquisite meals.  

What makes this walk so special is access to Bruny’s lesser-known gems. After traversing headlands where the next stop is Antarctica, visit a local oyster farm and shuck an oyster as pristine waters swirl about your ankles. Finally, retreat back to camp, built completely off-the-grid, with luxury in mind. Crisp sheets on king-sized beds and an outdoor shower framed by towering Eucalypts await.

The three-day Bruny Island Long Weekend walk starts from $1,695pp including accommodation, guides, meals and boat transfers.


Located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania and just a short 30-minute boat ride from Hobart is the untouched Bruny Island. The diverse mix of landscapes is home to fur seals, fairy penguins, albatross, wedge-tailed eagles, white wallabies, spotted-tail quolls and 600 lucky people. The island is fast developing a reputation for being a food and wine destination.

David Reyne takes us on a new type of holiday he has coined "close remote", close to a capital city but deep into the rainforest for that very isolated feel. The Tasmanian Walking Company provides three-day tours, giving you a leisurely look at the island.

The tour kicks off with a private boat ride from Hobart across the Derwent to the north end of Bruny Island. Guide Rob Knight provides great insight when exploring the coastline, bush and rainforest. David is amazed by the different types of landscapes and how quickly they change.

Located at the south end of the island is the luxury campsite for the duration of the tour. The large, private tents have king-sized beds and there is an outdoor shower hidden among the gum trees. There is no light pollution making the night sky very clear. Some nights the Southern lights can even be seen.

The camp chef creates meals around the island's seasonal produce. In fact, almost 100 per cent of the food eaten over the entire trip is sourced from either Bruny or elsewhere on Tasmania. It is not hard to find fresh food on the island, David was lucky enough to eat an oyster straight from the ocean. It doesn't get much fresher than that.

The tour is perfect for those seeking adventure but wanting to disconnect and relax. Bruny Island will leave you feeling relaxed and replenished.