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New discoveries

We invite you to read the latest stories from our guides and staff. Even when they're regularly walking the same ground, they always find something new to discover.

Blog posts    June 2018

Sparkling rewards

A gourmet jaunt along Tassie's stunning east coast     Continue reading

Blog posts    May 2018

World's 4 Best Eco-Lodges

We are very proud of the work we do to ensure all accommodation on our walks is as eco-friendly as possible. We are therefore very proud that our Bay of Fires Lodge Walk made it into the top 4 Eco-Lodges ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    April 2018

Tasmania's Overland Track

After just over 100kms on Tasmania's Overland Track and in the Tarkine Wilderness on the island's west coast. Of course it rained, 'cos that's what Tasmania does. An awful lot of the time. However, with Sean and Steph the SUPER ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    January 2018

Connecting via nature

Back in my day (2016 to be precise), there was a quiet, curly-haired new fella who sat beside me in Outdoor Leadership class. At lunch, we mostly moved in different social circles, but through sharing the same desk space we ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    January 2018

Walk on Water

Wobbly-legged landlubber Paul Connolly discovers a different way to see the rocky peninsulas and crystal-clear coves of Tassie's east coast - and finds himself falling for a lady of the sea.     Continue reading

Blog posts    August 2017

Coast of Many Colours

“Divorce boats”, the guides call them. On a weir on the Anson River in Tasmania’s north-eastern corner, a small flotilla of double kayaks lie in wait for a group of travel writers. They can be tricky to steer – and ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    July 2017

Sea Life

Thanks to her majestic mountains, pristine beaches, and her vast and little touched bushlands, Tasmania is earning her ranks as a world-renowned holiday destination. She is a glorious island, and for many the joys of visiting her are awe-inspiring – ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    June 2017

The Wind Walkers - Australian Traveller

TWO FEET, ONE YACHT, and the infinte wild beauty of Tasmania's EAST COAST; a unique journey of SAILING AND BUSHWALKING offers the BEST OF BOTH worlds.     Continue reading

Blog posts    April 2017

The beauty of buttongrass

When we’re walking the Overland Track, the amount of different ecosystems we pass through is stunning. It’s one of the main reasons that the Track makes every list of the best multi-day walks in the world. Everyone has their own ...     Continue reading

Blog posts    February 2017

Walking by Water

Reach a variety of bushwalks from the water along Tasmania's spectacular east coast, on this four-day walking and sailing experience.     Continue reading