Your Walking Tour Guides

Guests consistently agree in their feedback that our Bruny Island Long Weekend guides are our most outstanding asset.

What truly defines the professionalism, passion and dedication of our guides is their unparalleled focus on delivering an exemplary guided walking experience for you.  This is reinforced by their passion for Bruny Island, detailed knowledge of the local flora, fauna, geology and history; and their love of cooking using local produce to deliver a diversity of delicious cuisine each evening.

We consider our Bruny Island Long Weekend guides to be highly trained experience artisans, seamlessly bring together all the attributes of a great walking experience to deliver something that is truly unforgettable.

Our guides are the principle reason why so many of our guests choose to return and walk with us again or choose to discover the diversity of incredible guided experiences throughout the state offered by The Tasmanian Walking Company.

Rob Knight

Rob Knight

Bruny Island Long Weekend - Experience Manager

Robert established The Bruny Island Long Weekend in January 2013 and it has been his passion ever since. Robert has an intimate knowledge of the Tasmania tourism industry having previously worked in a number of guiding roles. He has led outdoor programs for schools, helped established the Bruny Wildlife Adventure and has looked after a wide range of clients in his many years working for Tourism Tasmania as a guide for the Visiting Influencer Program.

Robert has also worked all over the world including 30+ voyages to the Antarctic and 6 to the Arctic in a variety of roles ranging from restaurant manager to assistant expedition leader aboard an expedition style ice-breaker, where he was responsible for the safety, logistics and coordination of up to 70 passengers and 10 staff.

Robert’s practical knowledge and tourism industry experience is underpinned with a strong educational foundation. Robert has a Bachelor degree in Tourism, majoring in entrepreneurship from the University of Tasmania.

Rob spends much of his time exploring Tasmania’s wilderness both on foot and by kayak. Rob has done many of Tasmania’s challenging climbs and paddled many of Tasmania’s iconic rivers including Federation Peak, Frenchman’s Cap, The Eastern and Western Arthurs and the Franklin and Gordon rivers. Rob has also taken part in expeditions overseas. In April 2007 Rob skied to the North Pole, completing a 140km expedition over the Arctic Ocean to the top of the world