Chef-designed, hearty meals.

We believe that food and wine should be part of the experience, never an afterthought. We consult professional chefs to design all meals and train our guides and hosts in their preparation to ensure they are both healthy and delicious. We source as much of our produce as we can locally and why wouldn't we, with over 40% of the entire state dedicated to protected and pristine National Parks and Tasmania having the freshest air ever recorded on the planet! 

We work in remote locations which makes our menu design more challenging, however,  by focussing on using as much fresh produce as possible and engaging a chef who understands what we have to work with we proudly serve outstanding meals each day. Please don’t expect to lose a few kilos whilst walking with us!

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Discover more reasons to walk with us

Inspiring trip leaders

It goes without saying that your safety is paramount and as you would expect our guides are our most outstanding asset. They are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, educated interpreters and fantastic hosts all rolled into one. Feedback regarding our guides is invariably exceptional.     Continue reading

Light backpacks

For many the thought of carrying a 20kg backpack is enough reason not to go walking. We provide a back pack for you to use on your walk and have a detailed gear list so you are not carrying too much. With a lighter pack you are able to enjoy more side trips, take more photos and have the energy you need for the next day.     Continue reading

Truly Tasmanian

We have been operating our multi-day small group walking adventures using our private accommodation within Tasmania's National Parks for 30 years. We are based in Tasmania with over 100 staff living in the State. We know and love what this State has to offer and we want to share it with you.     Continue reading