Light backpacks

For many the thought of carrying a 20kg backpack is enough reason not to go walking.  We provide a back pack for you to use on your walk and have a detailed gear list so you are not carrying too much. With a lighter pack you are able to enjoy more side trips, take more photos and have the energy you need for the next day.

Depending on which adventure you choose, pack weight will vary. On our Wineglass Bay Sail Walk and Bruny Island Long Weekend you only need to carry a day pack weighing up to 5kg.  Three Capes Lodge Walk, Bay of Fires and Cradle Mountain Huts guests carry a 50 litre pack weighing somewhere between 7-10kgs.

If you have any concerns about carrying a pack please contact us so we can discuss this in more detail with you.

Discover more reasons to walk with us

Chef-designed meals

We believe that food should be part of the experience, never an afterthought. Our menus are chef-designed and we train our staff in their preparation to ensure they are both healthy and delicious. We source as much food as we can locally and use fresh ingredients wherever we can.     Continue reading

Architect designed accommodation

True shelter, something that gives protection and refuge, simple and sustainable, clean and comfortable. All of our land based accommodation has been architecturally designed with a commitment to sit gently on the natural environment, whilst maximising natural assets such as sunlight and water collection.      Continue reading

Inspiring trip leaders

It goes without saying that your safety is paramount and as you would expect our guides are our most outstanding asset. They are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, educated interpreters and fantastic hosts all rolled into one. Feedback regarding our guides is invariably exceptional.     Continue reading