Truly Tasmanian

We have been operating our multi-day small group walking adventures using our private accommodation within Tasmania's National Parks for 30 years. We are based in Tasmania with over 100 staff living in the State.  We know and love what this State has to offer and we want to share it with you.

We have stringent 'buy local' policies which not only support local Tasmanian suppliers but allows us to reduce our carbon footprint; but to be honest that's no chore!  Tasmania is 'pristine and green' with over 40% of the state protected as National Parks and Reserves.  We also have the freshest air ever recorded on the planet.  So our fresh produce is all local including of course our fabulous Tasmanian wines.  Furthermore when building new lodges and updating our existing infrastructure we always 'think local' by employing Tasmanian builders and tradespeople.

Discover more reasons to walk with us

We have been around for 35 years

We have been operating for 35 years so we know what we are doing! We guide guests into what are among the finest walks in the world. We present a perfect balance of uncomplicated luxury, adventure and wilderness experience. Through exceptional multi-day walking experiences, we provide high levels of service and comfort to create an experience that allows people of differing backgrounds and abilities to connect with the natural environment.     Continue reading

Inspiring trip leaders

It goes without saying that your safety is paramount and as you would expect our guides are our most outstanding asset. They are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, educated interpreters and fantastic hosts all rolled into one. Feedback regarding our guides is invariably exceptional.     Continue reading

The small things matter to us

The small things matter to us and choosing the right company to walk with will matter to you. This is your holiday, where you can spend time reconnecting with friends and family or simply giving yourself some space. This is very important to us, so we make sure the small things are taken care of. Once you have joined us on the first day of your walk you will be taken on an adventure – you don’t need to worry about anything – we have it covered.     Continue reading