We give back to the community

Each year we contribute to our Tasmanian community and the Australian community at large.  We employ over 100 local staff, support local food and wine producers and support a number of charitable organisations. We helped establish the Aboriginal guide training program which saw students graduate with a Certificate III in Guiding.

In 2015 we were lucky enough to work with Overland Jack.  Jack is 8 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. He can’t walk, talk or eat on his own. Despite this, Jack completed the 65km Overland Track. He was was carried on his Dad’s back and supported by a hiking team including police, firefighters and a paramedic. Jack’s life and this adventure isn’t about what he can’t do, it’s about how - with a little help from those around him - he can do just about anything.

 The Tasmanian Walking Company supported Jack on his unique adventure by donating our huts for the duration of the walk, along with Melody one our fantastic guides. By supporting this adventure we hope it has allowed everyone in the team to focus on the challenge of getting Jack over the gruelling yet beautiful landscape. 

Jack and his team want to raise awareness for people with disabilities and money for the not for profit group - Life Without Barriers (LWB). LWB helps hundreds of Tasmanian locals with disabilities, mental health issues, homelessness and much more.

Discover more reasons to walk with us

Award winning

Over the years Tasmanian Walking Company has been the proud recipient of many awards. This demonstrates that we are getting things right using innovative practices and continually refining what we do.      Continue reading

We care for the environment

The basic principles of sustainability - protecting the present for the future by maintaining bio-diversity, reducing greenhouse emissions and protecting place - have been wholeheartedly embraced by Tasmanian Walking Company.     Continue reading

You will always be in our hands

If you book with Tasmanian Walking Company you will be walking with our guides and using our accommodation. We do not subcontract any components of our walking experiences. Rest assured you will be in the capable hands of our guides and looked after from the moment you are picked up by our drivers from your accommodation until the time we drop you off at the end of your trip.      Continue reading