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Larapinta Wellbeing Walk for Doctors

ACRRM Accredited

July 27 - August 1, 2025 | $4,995

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Join Sheena Polese, MSc Psych Coach, and Dr. Natalie Burch on an exclusive Larapinta Signature Walk crafted specifically for medical professionals. Spanning six days, immerse yourself in well-being and burnout prevention workshops while traversing the awe-inspiring landscapes of Australia's Red Centre. This tailored experience encourages open dialogue about the challenges doctors face, provides evidence-based strategies, and fosters camaraderie as participants journey through the stunning landscape together. 

  For all enquiries and bookings please contact Tasmanian Walking Company on (03) 6392 2211 or email


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ACRRM Accreditation Hours

This walk has been accredited by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine for four hours of Additional Continuing Professional Development Requirements and eight hours of Educational Activity.

  • Learning Areas
    • Leader (LDR)
    • Musculoskeletal (MSK)
    • Communicator (COM)
    • Professional (PRO)
  • Curriculum domains covered
    • Domain 1 - Specifically: Patient-centred care and teamwork
    • Domain 7 - Specifically: Continuous learning, teaching, ethical care
    • Domain 8 - Specifically: Resourcefulness, independence, flexibility and professional networking
  • Assessment information
    • Impact evaluation
    • Survey about changes in practice and attitude
    • Reflection essay - 500 words
    • To Be returned within 4 weeks of trip to gain a certificate
  • Context

    This activity is primarily targeted towards doctors experiencing or at risk of burnout.

    Rural doctors are particularly at risk due to social and professional isolation, their personal connection with many of their patients, their inability to easily take leave and holidays, and their increased scope of care and responsibilities

    The activity involves evidence-based tools and techniques, and education regarding self-care, patient care, professionalism and ethics, however just as important for rural doctors is the ability to completely remove ourselves from our demanding lives with no phone or internet, family or social demands.

    Lastly, the ability to network, share stories and support like-minded doctors is likely the biggest benefit of this activity.

  • Workshops

    Our days begin before breakfast with an optional meditation. Our walks provide time for reflection and contemplation. The journey importantly offers precious opportunities for one-on-one conversations with Sheena and Natalie. Each afternoon and evening at the lodge we engage in workshops and journalling at the lodge. Each night finishes with a post-walk body-check. The workshop content will be tailored to the groups and include the following:

     Letting Go. Re-discover your inner strengths!  

     The power and healing of Mindfulness in everyday life!

     Rediscover your own North Star!

    New Beginnings.

Sheena Walking

Fit Mind Coaching - Sheena Polese

We help people identify their inner and natural character strengths so they can unlock the key to thriving. We take time to explore values, reassess and reprioritise what is important to you. Using research, we explore the importance of emotional intelligences and use a wellbeing model that enables valuable reflection, appreciation and intention setting for sustainable change. 

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    We explore what is flourishing, the importance of hope, the value of slowing down, and we show how time in nature restores the body and soul. We incorporate pre-work, on the ground fun activities and worksheets, the science of reflection and journaling, meditation and mindfulness practices, all with an evidence base.

    Sheena Polese is a Development and Leadership Coach,MSci (Psych Coaching) Syd Uni, Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Change Practitioner. The current President of the Australasia NSW Branch of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) an Associate at the Positivity Institute and is highly trained in Stages of Adult Psychological Development, Mental Toughness, Global Leadership Wellbeing Diagnostics and Mental Health, is a Mindfulness practitioner and a Facilitator of Immunity to Change. Sheena runs her own Coaching practice, designs and delivers development and wellbeing programs and has co-facilitated Leadership and Development trips with Outward Bound Australian and Australia for UNHCR in Uganda. Webpage | LinkedIn

Natalie Burch 2

Dr. Natalie Burch

Natalie Burch trained in Queensland as a GP Obstetrician before moving to Tasmania in 2001 where she has been a rural generalist in northeast Tasmania where she has lived, worked and raised her family. Owning a practice, consulting in private practice and working on call at the district hospital as well as raising her family of three children she well knows the face of burnout.

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    She has long been a passionate medical educator teaching all levels of students and training doctors, in private practice, with RACGP, ACRRM and Remote Vocational Training Scheme. Currently she is piloting an innovative supervision model in her practice and local hospital, runs the Observer program at the  Launceston General Hospital for International Medical Graduates, and is studying a Masters in Health Professionals Education.

    In 2020 having sold her practice and trying to survive the Covid crisis she was introduced to bushwalking by her best friend. There she found the peace and strength to continue to care for her community, colleagues, family and most importantly, herself. Her focus is now doctor well being - creating environments and cultures that celebrate doctors as whole people in well communities and cultures.

    Rather than trying to balance our work and life, constantly trading one for the other, we can integrate our lives, bringing our whole selves to work, to home and to the community we live in. When we are walking our whole selves are walking in time with the country and creatures around us. On this journey we can walk together, come back into focus, reintegrate those fragmented parts and pause for a while.

    Natalie has awards for Tasmanian Rural Doctor of the Year, Distinguished Service Award for ACRRM and Supervisor of the Year Tasmania for Ochre. 



Larapinta Signature Walk (6-days)

Chewings Range Standley Chasm Northern Territory

Day 1: Standley Chasm - Chewings Range

Approximately 2 hours of walking 

After a quick briefing in Alice Springs on the first morning, we head out towards the red ridges of Tjoritja / The West MacDonnell Ranges to start our walking adventure at Standley Chasm.

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    After a visit to the peaceful narrow gorges your guides will take you off the beaten track. This presents our sole opportunity to explore the rugged Chewings Range section of the trail, a less frequented area of Tjoritja / The West MacDonnell Ranges. Ascending steeply into the range, we later retreat to a shaded creek bed for lunch before transferring to our private and exclusive campsite, your home for the next five-nights 

Guided walks on the Larapinta Trail

Day 2: Ormiston Gorge - the Finke River

Approximately 5-6 hours walking

The journey from Ormiston Gorge to the Finke River presents a full day of exploration through the ranges, allowing you to traverse the landscape at your own rhythm.

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    Setting off westward from Ormiston Gorge, we meander through the rolling foothills of the range. The morning light casts a delightful glow on the scenery, offering captivating vistas back towards Ormiston and showcasing the majestic Rwetyepme / Mt Sonder ahead. Crossing various tributaries of the Finke River, including Ormiston Creek, the trail leads us to a vantage point providing sweeping views of Glen Helen Gorge in the Pacoota Range, as well as Mt Giles and Ormiston Pound, before descending to the confluence of the Davenport and Ormiston Creeks.

    Following a tranquil lunch amidst the river red gums in the sandy riverbed, we trace the river's path along its western side. As evening descends, we settle into our campsite for another night of camaraderie, warm hospitality, and a delectable dinner accompanied by beer and wine. Our safari-style dining and living tent provides a cozy haven to unwind and enjoy the company of fellow travellers.

Mount Sonder Ranges Larapinta Trail Walk

Day 3: Serpentine Gorge - Counts Point - Serpentine Chalet Dam

Approximately 6- 8 hours of walking

Today is one of the more challenging walks, as it offers a chance to climb up onto the range. You are rewarded with impressive views from the ridgeline across to the Chewings Range, and into a dramatic indented valley.

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    We traverse the ridge until we reach Counts Point, where expansive panoramas unfold, stretching towards Mt Zeil, the highest peak in the Northern Territory. Descending through ancient Mulga forest and passing through Lomandra Gully - named after the distinctive Irongrass species found exclusively in the creek gullies of the West Macs - we eventually regroup for a brief transfer back to camp. Here, it's time to replenish our energy with yet another sumptuous feast expertly prepared by our talented guides.

Finke River Ormiston Gorge

Day 4: Ormiston Gorge - Ormiston Pound Walk

Approximately 5-6 hours walking

Today, we walk through the captivating landscape of Ormiston Gorge and the picturesque escarpment of Ormiston Pound. Our journey commences at the entrance of the gorge and its tranquil waterhole. As we progress, we traverse the undulating hills adorned with spinifex and rocky floral gullies, eventually reaching the edge of Ormiston Pound, where a lookout unveils remarkable views of the striking formation below.

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    From here we gently climb the contours of the gorge wall along the Ghost Gum Walk, which offers stunning views back into the gorge. Towards the end of the gorge is a permanent pool of water that is sometimes deep enough to warrant wading through; a perfect way to refresh tired feet after a long walk. We indulge in a delightful lunch beneath the sheltering canopy of River Red Gums, enveloped by one of the Northern Territory's most pristine natural wonders.

Larapinta Sonder 2

Day 5: Redbank Gorge - Rwetyepme / Mount Sonder

Approximately 5-6 hours of walking

Today we ascend to the summit of Rwetyepme/Mount Sonder. We kick off the day with an early start, beginning our trek in the pre-dawn hours to witness the awakening of the land.

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    For the initial hour, we navigate steadily uphill, amidst the serene shadows of Eucalypt and Acacia trees. The early rise proves rewarding as we reach a saddle just in time to witness the breathtaking sunrise.

    Continuing from the saddle, the ascent persists, maintaining a steady yet relentless incline throughout the morning. As we walk, the landscape unfolds before us, gradually expanding until we reach the summit, where we're greeted with some of the most awe-inspiring vistas in Tjoritja / The West MacDonnells.

    From this elevated perspective, Central Australia reveals itself in all its magnificence, offering a truly unparalleled view.

Prices for the Larapinta Trail Walk

Day 6: Ochre Pits - Inarlanga Pass

Approximately 3 hours walking

On the final day, we drive the short distance from our campsite to the Ochre Pits - the site of an Aboriginal quarry - to start our day of walking.

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    We approach the Larapinta trail on the Arrernte (Aranda) Walk, meandering through the foothills just above creek lines filled with river red gums. The striking colours of the landscape and surprising botanical diversity are a delightful introduction to the Red Centre, Arrernte culture, and Tjoritja / The West Macs. As we approach the range, a rocky pass comes into view. Named after the elusive nocturnal echidna, Inarlanga Pass is a spectacular narrow gorge through the Heavitree Range. The section of the trail through the Pass is part of section 9 of the Larapinta Trail. We explore the length of this enchanting gorge with its twisted metamorphic rocks and ancient Cycads. We return to the Ochre Pits carpark for our transfer to Ellery Creek Big Hole for a swim and lunch. After this relaxing break we head into Alice Springs and arrive around 4-5pm, we can also do a hotel drop off on the way.

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Our Private Camp

The Larapinta Trail takes us to some remote locations where facilities are simple. Our private and secluded campsite, where we are based every night is located within Tjoritja / the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park (between Ochre Pits and Ormiston Gorge).

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    Despite the remote location of our camp, you will be provided with comfortable facilities. We have two semi-permanent outdoor toilets with a view, and showers designed for comfort and to suit the environment. 

    We provide luxury fully enclosed swags with mattresses, underlays, cotton sheets, sleeping bag, pillows and pillowcases or spacious touring tents offering privacy, two single beds, a rug on the floor and a small reading lamp. They are of standing room height and have space for your luggage. 

    After a rewarding day on the trail, unwind in our stylish safari-style living and dining tent. Here, you can relax with a book or socialize with fellow travellers. Dinner is served either al fresco around the crackling open fire beneath the starlit sky or within the cozy confines of our safari tent, gathered around our custom-made dining table.

Itinerary Details

Larapinta Wellbeing Walk for Doctors

July 27 - August 01, 2025 | $4,995

  • Price: Walk fee + Facilitator Fee
  • 6-Day Guided Walk (Twin Share)
  • Each trip requires a minimum of 7 guests to be confirmed four months prior to departure and a maximum of 10 guests (Twin Share). 


Terms and Conditions 

Our standard booking terms and conditions apply to all bookings. In addition:

  • Cancellations
    • more than 90 days from the scheduled departure date, a fee of $350 per person will be charged with the balance payment refunded;
    • within 90 days of departure, no refund is available. Bookings are transferable to another name.
  • Minimum numbers are required three months before departure.


  • Return transfers between Alice Springs and the walk base
  • 5-night camp stay at our in-park campsite
  • All meals, non-alcoholic beverages and a selection of local beer, spirits and wine
  • Use of a weather-proof jacket for the duration of the walk
  • Bedding (with the exception of a sleeping bag liner)
  • Two qualified guides for the duration of the walk
  • National Parks Pass

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