Gear checklist

The items on the gear list below will be required over your walk.  You are only required to carry a daypack while walking. You can bring one piece of luggage which will be kept at the lodge with you. We ask that you arrange storage for any excess luggage in Melbourne.

Essential Gear List

When you arrive at the meeting point please be dressed to begin your walk. 

  • Please have one small suitcase or similar which can stay at the Lodge and you will carry your daily requirements in your daypack.
  • See our footwear guide for specific recommendations for this walk.


We can not over-emphasise the importance of appropriate footwear. Running shoes, sand shoes, elasticised boots and similar are not acceptable. Boots/shoes must be worn in to minimise the risk of blisters. If you haven’t worn your boots for awhile please dust them off, take them for a walk and make sure the soles are still firmly attached to the boot.  There is nothing worse than your boot failing on day one. You will be unable to commence the walk without the appropriate footwear, so please feel free to contact us for more details. We are more than happy to discuss footwear with you.

  • Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper/pullover 
  • Beanie or Balaclava (Mandatory in May, September and October)
  • Gloves or mittens ((Mandatory in May, September and October)
  • Shorts and/or light walking trousers
  • Warm, long pants (evening lodge wear)
  • Shirts/t-shirts (merino or polypropylene; 3 recommended)
  • 3 x hiking socks
  • Underwear
  • Thermal base layer (long-sleeved top and long johns - merino or polypropylene)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Lightweight indoor footwear (crocs/sports sandals)
  • 2-litre water bottle or bladder
  • Headtorch or small torch
  • Toiletries (we provide Myrtle & Moss shower products)
  • Any personal medication, including anti-inflammatories and EpiPens
  • Travel mug for hot drinks out on the track


We provide

  • Quality day pack 
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Gaiters
  • Walking poles
  • Lunch container and cutlery
  • Basic toiletries (sunscreen, after-sun care, insect repellent and moisturiser are available at the lodge)
  • Linen and towels are available at the lodge.

* Tip: Layering of clothing has long been the basis for dressing in the outdoors and the gear list above follows this principle. When the temperature drops, we add another layer of insulation; if it rains, we add a rain shell on top and when it’s warm and dry, we strip off a layer.

 Your guides will do a thorough gear check prior to departure. If you are unsure about anything on the gear list, please call us or talk to your local outdoor adventure store. 

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