Bern and Paul

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk    January 2012

“The Walk” was our first foray into serious trekking.


We were very fortunate to have as guides the irrepressible Patrick and Will and to share with them and our wonderful fellow travelers great weather, unforgettable scenery and the challenge of being part of one of Australia’s great wilderness adventures.

Every aspect of the 6 days holds something special. There were times when the scenery stopped all of us in our tracks and the numerous photos that attempted to capture the moment unsurprisingly just couldn’t do it justice …….. and perhaps that is one more reason for us to return !!

Patrick and his brother Will provided insights into almost every aspect that we came across. Their thoughtfulness, great humour and attention to the varying capacities and needs of each traveller was genuine, gracious and much appreciated.

By providing such comfortable accommodation in wonderful settings, by taking care of meals and the many organisational elements, the guided walk freed us from any worry about such things and allowed us to just enjoy the experience to its fullest.

As if the walk built to a memorable climax, we are left with a still undiminished mental picture of a laughter filled final night, great food, great company watching members of our party entertaining us with a program of exotic interpretive dance, two even seeking to recreate the evolution of the hybrid tree.

That memory will hopefully be the only one that fades over time.

Thanks Patrick and Will, thanks to Cradle Mountain Huts and thanks to our fellow travelers.

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