Cradle Mountain Huts Walk    April 2012

My intentions are always well meaning .


this time I intend to follow thru. Wanted to thank both Grant & Nick for being such fabulous guides as well as good fun - and the fellow walkers for a truly superb week. The scenery, the pristine environment, incredible knowledge of the guides, comraderie, food, and wine - were an amazing recipe for a very memorable walk. Thank you.

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Travellers Tales    April 2012

Nola Chapman

What a great 6 days we had. Thanks so much to Nick and Grant for your guideance, information and great cooking. The walk was much more than I expected, how lucky are we to have such a beautiful place in ...     Continue reading

Travellers Tales    April 2012


From my personal perspective the trip exceeded expectations. The weather was better than I anticipated despite knowing what I should expect. Scenery to use an old cliché was God’s country. The logistics of the trip in terms of organisation, pickup, ...     Continue reading

Travellers Tales    April 2012

Trish Wilson

The Overland Track looked like something that would be beyond my capabilities - as someone who has only begun walking in my late fifties. My grateful thanks to our remarkable guides John and Ed who made this experience one we ...     Continue reading

Travellers Tales    April 2012

Josie Okey

This trip was a truly wonderful experience - i went with three girlfriends and we had six other beautiful people to make up our group of 10. I can't thank our guides, Harley and Joe, enough - they made the ...     Continue reading