Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    April 2013

Walk review from Shelley, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track Tasmania

We came.

We walked.

We conquered – those initial few hours that filled us with trepidation and self doubt. What delusion had caused us to ignore our increasing years?

Not disclosing our fears, higher and higher we climbed, at times lynching from chains and ignoring the pain of the wavering boulder called a backpack that rearranged our extremities and tested our limits.

Dogged determination drove us on to the top, Marion’s Lookout. Now there was nothing to stand in our way of completing the Overland Track. Bring on the chilly winds, the driving rain, the mud fiestas, the squelching tracks, the slimy tripping tree roots, the boulder hopping rivers -we would go on!

Super guides, Ciara & Lachy, were not only fit they could whip up a grand 3 course meal, scrumptious scrolls, cashew porridge, play guitar, tell long, long jokes and perform their duties with class. Multi talented they tackled all the group threw at them, such as adjusting backpacks, pulling one old girl out of the deep mud, (I now know what it would feel like to drown in quicksand.) bandaging blisters & sprains, taking stretching classes and enduring cheeky comments after Tamar Valley wines were patriotically supplied and consumed each evening.

Our weather was made to order. Wind in our faces and horizontal sleet on the first day just to make sure we really could handle all that this track had to offer. Then, two fair weather days as we wandered across the top of our world and visited the host of tarns and blue, crystal clear lakes. On the third night, the rain pelted down to send us into a soothing sleep. All the next day, looking like cocoons of goretex, we trudged through raging water flowing downwards over the track, making its way to form the thundering, cascading waterfalls that we would visit on Day 5, having once again been serenaded to sleep by constant pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. The rains brought to life the enchanted forests and the rich green tapestry of the fairy glades. Colourful fungi had bloomed overnight to add to the myriad of button grass plains and temperate rain forests,

Our group was complete with 3 couples from Hamilton, Vic.

Great fun but younger and faster than us, worse luck! Every one of us hit the ground (or lower) at some stage of the walk, including the guides. Just as well, we threatened to throw anyone that didn’t in Lake St. Clair at the end of our journey. We melded well and were not ready to say bye as they all reckon they are coming to cuddle the goats at some time.

Worth every cent, loved every minute, even the mud!

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