Cheryl & Tony

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    November 2013

Walk review from Cheryl & Tony, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track

We decided to tackle the Overland track as part of Tony’s recovery from a kidney transplant one year ago to the day.


As part of his return to good health and to ensure the great gift of a kidney was given due respect, we challenged ourselves to do the walk on the 1st anniversary. After many months of walks we thought we were prepared. Both being past 60 it was a bit of an ask for a couple of weekend warriors, however this is the most spectacular and amazing thing we have done, and we sincerely want to thank our two walking buddies, Ron and Greg along with the most fabulous pair of guides, Ciara and Kaylee. (not sure if the spelling is right)

We had a few mishaps, falling over, straining and spraining knees and legs, falling into bog holes, along with enjoying the magnificent scenery. We had two spectacular days of sunshine, 2 days of light snow and 2 days of spectacular sunshine again. What an adventure, and our two wonderful guides made it all possible. We both had our ups and downs, we were pretty slow, but what a reward, the pristine scenery, and warm huts, the food cooked by our wonderful guides, we can only speak highly of the whole adventure, how well we were looked after and a big thank you to cradle mountain huts for providing this fantastic experience. We were well catered for with special dietary needs and the attention to detail was fantastic.

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