Diane Ayscough

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    January 2016

Walk review from Diane Ayscough, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track

Hi Everyone,

My trip to walk the Overland Track.

The Overland Track Walk was absolutely amazing, the best and most challenging thing I have ever done and just like being in another world. Maybe it was a sample of heaven because I cannot imagine anything better! Had I known the degree of challenge that was before me I may have thought I was not capable of achieving it, but I am really glad I did the walk. The scenery was spectacular with huge mountains, dark lakes, enchanted forests, the wildflowers in full bloom, and seeing the wildlife –echidna, Tasmanian pademelons, wallabies and a big wombat all added to the journey. There were snakes too but I did not see them. The walking tracks varied greatly from rocks, shale, tree roots and boardwalks.

I was with a group of 9 others plus two wonderful guides Nick and Mitch who cooked fresh bread every night and provided us with excellent 3 course meals, and the best porridge I have ever tasted for breakfast each morning. They were very caring and encouraging.

I climbed Mt Oakley which was pretty daunting and then I climbed Mt Ossa, the highest mountain in Tasmania at 1617 metres. Going up was very steep but coming down was even more challenging. Thank goodness for a backside to slide down some parts and walking poles to ease the impact. Despite being the oldest in the group and the only one who had never done any mountain climbing before I had no problems other than a blister on my heel.

We carried backpacks which weighed at least 12 kgs but they were well designed and became a part of you, so I didn’t even notice it.

I could have easily cried when I finished as an overwhelming sense of achievement and a sense of seeing something that was so special and wishing it did not have to end. Just amazing!! I am now planning where I will go next time but doubt anywhere else could beat this!

After this trip I hired a car and toured the west of Tassie, the Gordon River cruise, the Tarkine area and then to Burnie and Stanley before flying home feeling like a different person.

If ever you get the chance, go to Tasmania. Already I wish I could go back and relive the experience.

Di Ayscough.

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