A member of the Telfer Trek

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    January 2010

Walk review from A member of the Telfer Trek, Cradle Mountain Tasmania

I just wish to inform you what an outstanding, positive experience it was for to participate in a Cradle Hut Trek of the Overland Trail from 2nd Jan to 7th Jan, with Linton & Hannah as our guides.


A good friend had organised our party of 10. It has always been an ambition for me to walk in the Tasmanian environment which is so foreign to the dry country we have in SA (I annually spend a week in the Flinders Ranges). This aspect of the trek I was overwhelmed with the continual Wow! or “Magic” moments eg when the mist lifted to reveal we were walking along side the a cliff face of Cradle Mountain.

Your company is to be complimented on its selection and training of all personnel I came into contact with. They were friendly, polite, helpful, punctual and knowledgeable. From Des, Bruce & Graham the bus drivers, to Melody whom we met on the last day, through to Narelle who I also met on the last day and whom I have corresponded with on email.

I cannot speak highly enough of the talents and character of our guides Hannah & Linton. I felt perfectly secure in this foreign environment besides being absolutely spoilt by their hospitality and culinary delights. Nothing was too much, whether to be patient while someone caught their breath or took a photo, to bandaging a sore ankle or to allow the group to climb Mt Osso as far as they safely could go considering the conditions. They shared some of their personal background with the group so that we all became one but never going past that point of uncomfortable familiarity. The fact that they were so open to taking on a vision impaired person with his guide dog says much for their sense of challenge and ability to cope in any situation. Also the comradery amongst the members of our group, who originally were just acquaintances, became another highlight, thanks to the catalytic personalities of Linton & Hannah, so much so that laughter became another highlight of the trek for me. As one member remarked at the end of the trip, “Linton & Hannah are a credit to the human race”.

I could tell you much more "but what goes down on the trail stays on the trail"

The standard of quality control you have to maintain the huts in such clean, functional and comfortable state is exceptional considering their extreme remoteness and their daily use, it is quite amazing.

So for me, thanks to your organisation and personnel, this truly was “One Walk Many Journeys”. Often I go back over the 500 photos I took (yet to receive the other 3000 photos taken by the other members) and recall the pleasant experience or just delight in visualising what we did, when and where on the 6 day trek.

Simply put – “Thankyou”

Maybe in the future the Bay of Fires will beckon me back or even after a while the Overland Trail again.

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