Tze Quen Chung

Twelve Apostles / Great Ocean Road    April 2017

Walk review from Tze Quen Chung, Twelve Apostles / Great Ocean Road

It is the first time we had pursued a gourmet-lodging walk.


We felt as if we were in paradise away from the daily riff-raff of the city and suburbs. The entire experience made us realise that we had nature deficit disorder and this was the best remedy.

Forgive my very poor random access memory for names and so not to offend, I will not mention any.

From the time we arranged our reservations, greeted at the pick up point in Melbourne to the Lodge and back, the staff went out of their way paying attention to every little detail from our physical, mental and most importantly our metabolic needs teasing and tantalising our tastebuds.

We were welcomed to lovely, quiet surroundings. Overly comfortable accommodation. Peaceful and picturesque nature walks exposing ourselves to the elements including a planned ambush from the local leeches. Our guide who carried everything but the kitchen sink and leech repellent was fantastic, supportive and knowledgeable. She educated us about the area, history, flora, fauna etc during the walk.

My only request is the guide should carry a portable bridge for river crossings (one only) and a chain-saw for some awkward tree trunks and branches.

The food was out of this world and I loved the way everything was prepared with skill, passion, a refined personal touch and presented with a grand oration of the local ingredients. At first we were afraid to destroy this visual work of art presented first as canapes followed by 3 courses. However after the daily trekking workout which was also supplemented with lodge-made delights, the ravenous hunger instinct kicked in and we ripped into the nutritious feast with restraint as we did not wish to breach good etiquette. With some local wines and beers added to the meal, it was a lovely way to end the evening.

Thank you very much to all the staff that were there. It was a memorable time that will not be forgotten.

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