Gear checklist

You will not be required to carry your bags while walking. However, as we will be using a number of different forms of transport we ask that you bring no more than the standard carry on size allowed by airlines. Please arrange to store any extra luggage you may have in Hobart.

All you need to carry while walking is a drink bottle, rain jacket and camera. We recommend bringing a daypack as well and can provide one if needed. 



Bruny Island has a mild, temperate, maritime climate with four distinct seasons. During the day you can expect temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius but temperatures tend to drop quite quickly once the sun has set. Tasmanian weather is extremely variable and often at short notice so we recommend you pack clothing for all seasons.

Essential Gear List 

  • Waterproof Jacket (Goretex or similar)
  • Walking boots, walking shoes or trail running shoes. We recommend they provide ankle support and be well worn in to avoid blisters.

Recommended Gear List

  • Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper/pullover 
  • Light jumper (warm)
  • Beanie 
  • Shorts and/or light walking trousers
  • Thermal base layer (long-sleeved top and long johns - merino or polypropylene; 2 sets preferred)
  • Warm, long pants (evening camp wear)
  • Shirts/t-shirts (merino or polypropylene; 3 recommended)
  • Socks (3 pairs recommended)
  • Underwear
  • Lightweight indoor footwear (thongs/sports sandals; for camp)
  • Sun hat  
  • Travel towel or body chamois (for swimming; light and quick-drying)
  • Water bottle(s) or water bladder
  • Swimming costume
  • Any personal medication, including anti-inflammatories and EpiPens
  • Walking poles
  • Camera
  • Ankle gaiters

Optional Gear List

  • We can provide disposable facemasks whilst on your walk if you choose to wear one.  Alternatively, you may wish to bring your own disposable or reusable masks.  Please note if you are planning to bring reusable masks we do not have the facilities to wash and dry daily (as per health advice),  therefore, you will need to bring enough for the duration of your experience and a safe way to carry them.


* Tip: Layering of clothing has long been the basis for dressing in the outdoors and the gear list above follows this principle. When the temperature drops, we add another layer of insulation; if it rains, we add a rain shell on top and when it’s warm and dry, we strip off a layer.

*  Aim for one set of warm clothes for evening and another set to wear whilst walking. 

 If you are unsure about anything on the gear list, please call us or talk to your local outdoor adventure store. 

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