Cradle Mountain Huts Walk    February 2012

Jared (my son) and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

The 2 guides that took us were amazing. They were Linton and Nick. Linton is the calmest person I have met in my whole life. He has an obvious love of the outdoors. At all times Jared and I felt safe with them and in good hands. They do a terrific job working long hours, cooking, guiding, cleaning and I don't know how they carry those heavy backpacks. Nick was gorgeous too. He was new to the tours but he will make an excellent guide. They were beautiful boys.

I can't speak highly enough of our time with you and I have many special memories which I will carry with me forever. I have never done a tour in my home state before, yours was the 1st one. You are definitely up there with the best of them if not the best. The cabins were well equipped, beautiful and clean and comfortable.

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