Jenny Connell

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk    April 2012

When friends ask us about our walk we say "The trip was utterly fabulous".


Invariably the response is "Oh, so you had good weather?"

Well actually, we had pretty undesirable holiday weather for most of the days.

It is hard to comprehend how one can be wet, cold, muddy, leech-sucked for the daylight hours of 6 days and still say it was one of the most enjoyable times of your life.

I guess the reasons are that we saw unique and beautiful sights; we tested our physicality and grew in strength; we met new and interesting people; we were comfortable and warm and beautifully well fed in a splendidly sympathetic environment.

Our guides were pivotal to this enjoyment. Not only did James and Ed cater for our physical needs with great expertise, they imparted knowledge and a thorough understanding of wilderness to us in the most subtle, and often humorous, fashion.

Thank you so much James and Ed and Cradle Huts for memories we can bore our friends and family with forever!!!

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