Cradle Mountain Huts Walk    February 2013

What a fabulous walk!


The country is stunning, the organisation very well thought through and we had two terrific guides in Joe and Kinara.

For me the highlight was climbing Mt Ossa. We had a perfect day (I believe it's rare) and the view from the top was spectacular while the rocks up there looked other-worldly.

I did the walk 22 years ago (camping) and it was much wetter with a lot less duckboards. The result was a lot more mud and wet socks every morning. Not this time! On the other hand, the drier weather this year meant that most of the mossy forests did not have that lush green wilderness calendar look. Nonetheless, I would recommend the walk and we are now planning more such trips.

One bit of advice to future travelers Think carefully about what you are carrying. We went in February which was quite warm so the "essential" gear list was excessive. I did not wear either set of thermals (one would have done, just in case) and didn't need two warm tops – likewise, one would have done. Also I had several sets of other clothes and I could have cut back to two sets as washing and drying them is quite feasible in the huts. Finally, the supplied gear tends to be "durable" rather than light weight so the supplied pack, Goretex jacket sleeping sheet and pillow slip together weighed about 3.5 kg. Had I brought my own instead I could have halved that.

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