W Family

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    January 2014

Walk review from W Family, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track Tasmania

We returned from the Cradle Mountain Huts guided walk yesterday, Friday 3 January and had a fantastic time.


Dee and Tom were both excellent guides who showed great dedication, passion and commitment to the environment, their guests and for the business.

They showed patience and genuine interest in the continual questions our children asked. Dee and Tom are tremendous assets to Cradle Mountain Huts. The meals were excellent and I look forward to purchasing the cookbook when it is published. I am in awe of the mushroom risotto. We eat at some of Australia's most renowned restaurants and the risotto is up there with the best.

We will miss the freshly made bread, each day it being something different. The attention to detail with the menus, great coffee and the well ventilated toilets were greatly appreciated by everyone in the group.

Dee fell on the second last day and it was obvious only later that she hurt her ankle and knee. We got into the hut to delicious muffins and home cooked bread. How she could perform with such injuries is a credit to her strength and commitment to her guests. Tom showed great care and concern for his colleague which was wonderful to see.

The guides complimented each other with their different knowledge and skills. Tom had an excellent geological and historical knowledge while Dee was very strong in the flora and fauna. A great combination for guests.

Tom also saved the day, fixing the pump problem on the second last night. He was very impressive in hot wiring a switch to ensure we and guests following our group had a continual water supply. It was a dirty and difficult job with lots of mosquitoes but he worked without complaint and came back inside with a huge grin having fixed the problem.

We hope the business has a employee recognition program so that both Dee and Tom can be recognized more formally as they are truly impressive young people.

We will be recommending Cradle Mountain Huts to our friends.

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