Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    January 2014

Walk review from Min, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track Tasmania

Jan 11th-16th 2014

Thank you Cradle Huts, and your wonderful guides Gemma and Kenna for an unforgettable introduction to the Overland Track!

This was my first multiday hike, and in truth I was a little apprehensive as to how I would fare (and yes, the first day’s hike up the steep bits of Dove Lake and Marion’s Lookout was a little bit of a rude shock), but thankfully it did get easier as the days wore on and the muscles got used to the feel of the foreign weight of a backpack. I was supremely thankful that it wasn’t a 20kg+ one!

We had unseasonably good/hot! weather by Tassie standards – not a drop of rain for the first 5 days and an average maximum of 25-30degrees. There was merely a splash of rain on the morning of day 6, but otherwise our rain jackets languished in our backpacks. The National Park was awash with wildflowers, and coupled with an amazingly azure sky, made brilliant photographic fodder.

I have absolutely no regrets with choosing to go with Cradle Huts. The outlay may be costly, but the experience is worth every single cent, especially knowing how seriously the company takes its responsibility to the environment in which it operates.

I find no fault with the whole experience from start to finish. Thank you to Marissa and Narelle who handled the initial booking process, and were very obliging with an invoicing request I had made. Bruce was a delightful bus driver and we enjoyed his very informative commentary on the way to Cradle.

I echo unreservedly the unanimous praise for your guides. They are stellar representatives of your organisation, and excellent ambassadors for the unique wilderness in which they work. Gemma and Kenna were articulate, engaging, full of good humour, patience and kindness during every aspect of the walk. Thank you also to Nick and Pat who made overnight trips to the huts to fix some plumbing issues – we were very grateful for the running hot water indeed!

The food was amazing. We even got pancakes for breakfast one morning! (I’m still not entirely sure if they were on the planned menu, but they nevertheless miraculously materialised after some very unsubtle hints made by some fellow hikers the night before :-))

Thank you also to Scott who drove us home on the last day, somewhat creatively due to some bushfires in the region. The change in plans was handled calmly and efficiently (and we can say we have ‘been’ to Waddamana power station!)

To my fellow hikers, you made this trip a fun and memorable one – I’m already missing the camaraderie and the laughs!

I can’t wait to do it again, and hopefully see the Park in a different season (perhaps with snow? :-))

Thank you again Cradle Huts!

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