Murray Williams

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    April 2018

Walk review from Murray Williams, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track

My wife (Rae Lamb) and I walked the Overland Track just after Easter. We were lucky weatherwise, apart from an ordinary first day, which we didn't mind too much as we'd seen Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff on an earlier trip.

The mist began to clear as we descended to Waterfall Valley and the next day was cloudless.

Our guides, Jill and Sean, were very competent, knowledgeable, and good company.

They also persuaded me that being 70 and the oldest member of the party, by about five years, wouldn't stop me climbing Mt Ossa. Two of us did it with Jill, who said the low cloud that blew in as we ascended would probably clear enough for us to get a reasonable view, which it did.

Earlier, when one of our party injured a knee (ACL) and it was soon clear she wouldn't be able to continue they quickly and quietly arranged a helicopter evacuation for the next morning.

Their cooking and bread-making skills were great, too, as was the emphasis on local products, including the wine, and the supplied backpacks and parkas.

The drying rooms, showers and indoor toilets were welcome, especially after a damp first day, and the bunks are comfortable.

It was also good to find guitars in two huts as two members of our party were accomplished musicians and I was pleased to find that there were copies of the book I began on the first night in each of the other huts.

Overall the trip is very well organised, but walkers should be supplied with an Overland Track version of the pocketsize Tasmap Peninsula Walks map, which.a friend just brought back from The Three Capes track.

A copy of the excellent Parks and Wildlife Service Overland Track booklet, which I bought at Cynthia Bay, would've been welcome, too.

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