David Hope

Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    April 2011

Walk review from David Hope, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track Tasmania

Hiking the 'Overland' proved to be as close to heaven as you can expect to experience.


As beautiful as the NZ Fiordland hikes are, it is clear that the miracles displayed in Tasmanias high country outshine all contenders. Thanks to our guides Mim, Kate and Alex's passion for witnessing and appreciating the ever changing mountainous environment we were taken on a journey that excited all our senses. The freezing cold swim in Crater Lake, the vision splendour of Cradle Mountain with Barn Bluff bursting into clouds of fire in the evening sky. Waterfalls fed by heavy overnight rain and the struggle through waste deep mud before climbing Mt Oakleigh were a precursor to the joy of seeing the vivid spectrum of colour painted to form a double rainbow across the darkened valley below Mt Ossa. Laughter accompanied us all the way as we hugged Tassy Oaks, savoured the aromas of sweet smelling native plants and got high on the the blue, yellow, red and orange mushrooms lining the sides of the track. The comfort of a hot shower and knowing your clothes would be dry in the morning were only surpassed by experiencing the guides hospitality as they served up the tasty evening meals accompanied with beverages fit for royalty. Thankyou Cradle Huts for restricting the damaging footprint we hikers make on the track and it therfore begs the question, when can this 64 year old return to the 'Overland'?

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