Brian Trewhella

Bay of Fires / East Coast    March 2009

Walk review from Brian Trewhella, Bay of Fires / East Coast Tasmania

The Motley Crew

We’re on the Bay of Fires walk

That’s what we are told

This Motley Crew accepts our fate

And steps out strong & bold

Day one begins at Q estate

And courtesies are shared

Before we trek along the beach

And have our weak-links bared

Daves and Brians predominate

As namesakes are revealed

Before we pack our backs with loads

And our fate is sealed

Round the table intros

Reveal all sorts of reasons

Like seasoned travellers in Rob & Mac

Who have walked for many seasons

Some are novices like Toots & Marian

Who have attached themselves & leeched

To celebrate with Lynne & Brian

For milestones not long reached

Dave tests out the water

As ‘travelling companions’ are described

Marj gives him a look of threat

That belongs to an Amazon tribe

Our fearless leaders H & Kate

We follow with our soles

“Trust in us we know this plot

We both should know our roles”

Dave or Willow as he’s known

Shows that he’s no mouse

To match the sense of humour

Of artistic Jo, his spouse

Sony lens are pointed

At every rock in sight

As Jo’s passionate approach to art

Seeks views in different light

Strenuous days unfold

Without a gram to gain

Brian shows a Galahad streak

And shares his boots with pain

Coastal heathland with their middens

Take on a different hue

As Kate’s environmental slant

Is absorbed by this motley crew

“Golf will never be the same” cries Brian

As he examines the grazing grounds

“H’s square shaped poo is hard to putt

And especially over mounds”

Beach camp is an oasis

After muscles are discovered first

Grog rations test the mettle

To satisfy our thirst

“A flesh eating marsupial

Has given me a fright !”

Cries our resident artist

As she visits Clive at night

The lighthouse is a beacon

And focus for our walk

To reach this spot and stop for lunch

And share the common talk

“Not long to go” cries H

“It’s just around the bend”

This seems a common trait for guides

To test our trust no end

The lodge atop the mountain

Looks easy from the beach

But tests our muscles and our backs

As we strive to reach

Group B we have become

As we eye off those soft couches

But after dinner shows our style

And proves we are no slouches

Fireside chatter with more red wine

As we settle down in pairs

Leads to tiredness and early beds

But double types are scarce

‘Travelling companions’ have grabbed the chance

And taken early flight

Whilst the Macs are left in single minds

To help them share the night

Next morning kayaks await us down the track

As we suffer 4 wheel glee

To laugh in unison at Marian’s plight

When a bull ant joins her pee

Double trouble looms ahead

As Judy shows her wares

When Toots’s steering comes under fire

And suffers Marian’s glares

Kayak coupling is disallowed

But peace & love prevail

Shipmates we have all become

Before we hit the trail

Barefoot hiking completes our day

As we approach the coup

Group A we have become

To welcome the next group

A Willow welcome that is

If he gets his way

“We’re here first – pee off you B’s

The couches are ours this day”

But before that happened & before ascent

And much to Jo’s delight

There appears a rock that stirs her passions

Willow will be right tonight

Iconic phallic symbol it has become

For this motley crew

Penis rock has created a fuss

And homage must be due

So raise your glasses one & all

And cascade greens in lieu

A toast to this mighty ten

This beautiful Motley Crew

BOF March 2009

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