Dick Clarke

Bay of Fires / East Coast    October 2011

Walk review from Dick Clarke, Bay of Fires / East Coast Tasmania

What would the world be without people?


It would be beautiful still. In many places, far more beautiful than it is with them. The Bay of Fires is beautiful in its natural state - but if we did not go there, how would we know? How would others know?

So, in the going, we discover the beauty and natural intricacy of the place, and leave in awe and wonder that the Big Bang could produce such things. But these thoughts, these feelings and appreciations are human constructs - internal reactions to an externality. When we share them with others, they are reflected so that we can test them, check them from another perspective, and because we are social creatures, we find pleasure in that process. Sounds a bit clinical, but the pleasure is real and earthy!

The pleasure I found in these shared and reflected experiences last week are a real treasure. Our guides, Hannah and Monique, are gems of humans in their own right, and with our other travelling companions added a whole new level of joy and laughter, and discovery too.

Paddy Pallin once said that the only trips he regrets are the ones he didn't do. That's true, but there are some trips that stand out because they are more than just covering ground, they are uncovering a soul. The Bay of Fires in 2011 did that for me.

I s'pose I could have just said 'fantastic - loved it!' - would have been shorter. But life's too short to abbreviate. ;-)

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