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We invite you to read the latest stories from our guides and staff. Even when they're regularly walking the same ground, they always find something new to discover.

Press   :   July 2021

Gone to Seed in Tasmania

How do you make botanists happy? Put them in a World Heritage-listed wilderness area and give special permission to go off track if a “target” species is spied.

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Press   :   June 2021

Hunters and Collectors

Gaiters on and linen bags at the ready, a group of amateur botanists wades through thigh-high moss on Tasmania’s Overland Track in search of seeds that might just save a species.

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Press   :   May 2020

Seeds of hope

Seeds of hope: on a mission to protect Tasmania's ancient pencil pines Climate change could leave the 1,000-year-old conifers too stressed to seed, but a two-person cone-gathering operation aims to safeguard their survival

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Press   :   January 2018

Walk on Water

Wobbly-legged landlubber Paul Connolly discovers a different way to see the rocky peninsulas and crystal-clear coves of Tassie's east coast - and finds himself falling for a lady of the sea.

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Press   :   June 2017

The Wind Walkers - Australian Traveller

TWO FEET, ONE YACHT, and the infinte wild beauty of Tasmania's EAST COAST; a unique journey of SAILING AND BUSHWALKING offers the BEST OF BOTH worlds.

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Press   :   February 2017

Walking by Water

Reach a variety of bushwalks from the water along Tasmania's spectacular east coast, on this four-day walking and sailing experience.

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Press   :   November 2015

A luxury tale of Sails & Trails

Justin Jamieson discovers a type of hiking in Tasmania that is right up his valley. "In the distance the Lady Eugenie is now just a speck and the sense of accomplishment is incredible. For the first time I think I understand what hikers are on about."

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Press   :   June 2015

Overland over snow

For a week of our lives we have stepped away from all the affairs of the world and are all the richer for having done so. Together we have walked the Overland Track, in winter.

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Press   :   April 2015

Sails & Steps - Luxury Travel Magazine

Discovering Australia's island state by foot - with a bit of sailing in between - might just be an ideal pairing, according to Belinda Craigie.

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