Making the Overland Track accessible with Sydney Morning Herald journalist, Michael Bachelard.

The desire to seek adventure and commune with nature is deeply embedded in the human spirit. However, for many, the call of the wild is often muffled by concerns, preparations, unknowns, and a lack of confidence in our physical abilities. This is where the niche of curated, guided adventure steps in, providing access to those who might not venture out on their own.  

Michael Bachelard, award-winning writer, author and editor joined us recently on the Overland Track for our Sacred Geography Walk, a Limited Edition offering where spiritual awareness is nurtured and deepened by images, metaphors and the lived experience of a sacred geography. He chronicled his adventure in a captivating feature for the Sydney Morning Herald where his narrative captures the tranquil beauty and serene atmosphere of the Overland Track.  His articulation of the physical demands of the six-day hike highlights that without the accessibility and support provided by Tasmanian Walking Company, he and his cohort would probably have opted out of such a daunting endeavour. 

His article is a trove of inspiration, challenge, humour and triumph. You can access it here. 

Cradle Mountain Gwoa 59

The Overland Track 

Just utter the phrase “Hiking in Tasmania” and the Overland Track gets the most airtime. It's an internationally renowned track, winding through Tasmania's northwestern highlands, providing a rich tapestry of typography including the iconic Cradle Mountain, serene rainforests, rugged landscapes, culminating at the great expanse of fresh water that is Lake St Clair. There are two options when pursuing the Overland Track: The path of self-sufficiency or the ease of an all-inclusive guided experience. For those who choose self-sufficiency, the adventure involves carrying all supplies and camping gear, alternatively, the guided walk options cater to those seeking a blend of comfort and adventure. The latter is what enabled Bachelard and his friends to access this wild and wonderful place. Walking with Tasmanian Walking Company means being supported by expert guides, carrying only lightweight packs, with the promise of cozy huts and chef-inspired meals at the day's end. Both methods, of course, have their place on the track and appeal to different groups, but to emphasise the significance of accessibility, here's an excerpt from Bachelard: 

“Without the chance to do it this way, in huts, not tents, with good food, with friends of all ages, and with packs that did not break us, none of us, I think, would have had the opportunity.” 

The Luxury of Loneliness 

The other point that Bachelard articulates so eloquently is the luxury of solitude and silence. The walk is an introspective pilgrimage that offers a unique balance: a heady mix of adventure and a gentle, almost meditative, understanding of our place on the planet. Immersion in nature offers this kind of inward reflection in a way that the symphony of daily life simply does not afford. 

To quote Bachelard again: 

“The literature of walking makes it clear how much people through the ages have craved time like this, away from their daily lives, the scramble to make a living, to simply think, and to be.” 


Expanding Boundaries, Enriching Experiences 

Curated, guided adventures are instrumental in demystifying the wilderness, transforming what might seem like an inaccessible dream into a tangible and enriching experience. Offering a blend of support and autonomy, these journeys do not water down the wilderness; rather, they enrich the adventure, enabling participants from various walks of life to immerse themselves fully in the natural world. Through this inclusive approach, the narrative of adventure is beautifully reimagined, fostering a deeper connection between individuals and the planet. It underscores the importance of preserving our natural treasures, highlighting that true exploration is not solely limited by physical capability but enhanced by the diversity of its participants and their shared commitment to conservation. 

Choosing to explore the Overland Track with the Tasmanian Walking Company affords adventurers a unique blend of support and simplicity.  

We are now taking bookings for our 2025 Sacred Geography Walk 

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