Exclusive Accommodation

True shelter, something that gives protection and refuge, simple and sustainable, clean and comfortable.

Our groups have exclusive use of our private Lodge accommodation along the Three Capes Track.  Each Lodge is discreetly placed along the trail, offering hot showers, relaxation and lounge areas and twin share accommodation.


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Private Lodge Accommodation

As you arrive at your Lodge accommodation in the afternoon you will be greeted by a welcome afternoon tea.  You will then have some free time to enjoy a glass of Tasmanian wine whilst enjoying one of our outdoor or indoor lounge/relaxation spaces.

Offering the only private Lodge accommodation along the trail is a huge privilege and we have taken every environmental consideration into account throughout the design and building process.  The lodges sit lightly within the environment making most of the spectacular views all around.  There are outdoor viewing platforms which are perfect for some star gazing on a clear night.

The bedrooms are comfortably appointed twin/double share with fresh linen awaiting your arrival.