Relaxation Pavilion

The Relaxation Pavilion is inspired by a Japanese verb iKOU meaning "to rest, relax and restore,” that harnesses the restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of pure essential oils and Australia’s native botanicals. 

The purity of iKOU Skincare is renowned globally: chemical-free, organic, and derived directly from nature. With a strong focus on ethically wild-harvested Australian ingredients that are next-level organic as they are essentially “farmed” by nature, not man, in remote, pristine locations, ensuring an abundance and purity. Many of our wild-harvested ingredients are gathered using eco-ethical practice by indigenous communities who are the custodians of the land to ensure sustainability for the future.  

The combination of the pristine environment, a sensitive and sustainable space and the healing hands of our Spa Therapists, the Relaxation Pavilion is a perfect destination to rest and relax. This is an opportunity to experience and embrace the simplicity of nature and the sense of wellbeing that follows. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful pavilion and creating a unique and special experience for you.

*Please note - pre-bookings are limited to 30-minute treatments.  There may be the opportunity to extend your treatment when you arrive at Cape Pillar Lodge.


Reservations, Pavilion Etiquette, Terms and Conditions


Body Rituals

The power of human touch combined with pure essential oils will allow you to escape into deep relaxation. Your Spa Therapist is skilled in a range of massage techniques to calm the mind, ease tired muscles and stimulate the body. 


An individually tailored massage to match your unique journey. After a thorough consultation, your Spa Therapist will design a massage treatment to best suit your needs to ensure total rejuvenation. Enjoy a range of massage techniques to relax and relieve muscular pain and tension. 

*an extended treatment may be available on the day, subject to availability. 

30 min $90         


Head & Feet Rituals

Face Ritual 

Delight your senses with a rejuvenating and balancing facial ritual for all skin types. Enjoy a gentle polish, wondrous hydrating mask, warm compresses and pressure point massage to heal, smooth and restore vitality to your skin.  

* Includes head massage, acupressure and hand or foot massage. An extended treatment may be available on the day, subject to availability. 

30 min $105      

Foot Ritual 

Take the time to give back to your feet with this unforgettable ritual that not only eases tension but nourishes the skin and overall wellbeing after a full day of hiking. Enjoy a gentle polish followed by a soothing foot mask to nourish and hydrate your feet. Your ritual also includes a restorative pressure point massage on your feet, lower legs, head and shoulders.  

*An extended treatment may be available on the day, subject to availability. 

30 min ($95)