Cradle Mountain / Overland Track    April 2011

Walk review from Dana, Cradle Mountain / Overland Track Tasmania

Dear Ros and all Cradle Hut staff: I chose our hike in the Cradle Mountains to celebrate my 75th birthday.


After a lifetime of climbing and hiking, it seemed appropriate to be on the trail on my birthday. What a great choice! My husband and I were greatly impressed with the organization and attention to every detail of our trip. You are all wizards at making us feel welcome and appreciated. The greatest thanks go to our two guides, Tonia and Emily. They are amazing young women and I treasure the time we had with them over those six days. I knew my 75th birthday would be special, but little did I know that they would organize a costume party, a huge chocolate cake, and a very impressive birthday card on our last night as their way of saying Happy Birthday. Our Cradle Hut trek experience will be impossible to beat. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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