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Each evening our hikers have exclusive use of the Lady Eugenie - she becomes your home. After hiking all day, sleep is fundamental in making a good walking holiday a great walking holiday. Your accommodation should be enjoyed not endured! 

The Lady Eugenie is a beautiful 23-metre (75-ft) ketch rigged yacht. She is five metres wide, which makes her stable, safe and comfortable for both novices and sailing enthusiasts.  There's nothing more exhilarating than turning off her engine, relaxing and harnessing the power of the wind in her sails.

With beautifully maintained teak decks and classical, varnished handrails, Lady Eugenie’s spacious decks are the perfect setting for relaxing whilst taking in the stunning scenery of Tasmania’s east coast.

The central cockpit provides plenty of comfortable seating, with a picturesque alfresco dining setting: a magical place to take in the sunset with wine and delicious food.

Introducing Col Brookes:  Skipper - Lady Eugenie

Skipper Col Brookes, Wineglass Bay Sail Walk, Tasmanian Walking Company

The ocean is full of surprises and in this case, it’s a pleasant one.  Col Brookes, the Skipper of Lady Eugenie is calm and softly spoken.  He has spent his life on the ocean, adjusting to tides, anticipating weather patterns, maneuvering and adjusting to maximise comfort for everyone on board.

Conversations with Col are genuine and enjoyable, with him as Skipper you feel safe on Lady Eugenie.  When everything is under control it’s normal to find Col quietly admiring the beauty of the moment, and when you least expect it, he says or does something to make you laugh.

“Well, I never get sick of where we go,” Col said with the sun setting over the bay and the popping sound of a bottle of Champagne echoing on board Lady Eugenie.  “You could come to any of these places 100 times and you never get sick of it. It's always different.”

Why Lady Eugenie is a Sailor’s Dream?

Col’s love and passion for Lady Eugenie are obvious from the outset.  Not just in how he cares for her, but how happy he looks as the yacht catches the wind in her sails and lifts us across the ocean.

As we move past different iconic locations on the East Coast of Tasmania, he enthusiastically shares stories about historic shipwrecks and tales of the ocean.  Clearly, he is in his element.

“It’s a very capable boat and very strong in the rig. It also has a lot more sail combinations, we've got four different styles we can use between them,”  Col mentioned calmly as a pod of dolphins play alongside the yacht. “We've got some really good options for all different sorts of sailing conditions. As a sailor, I actually get a lot of pleasure out of sailing this boat.”

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Making the right decisions at the right time

As we move along the East Coast of Tasmania on board the beautiful Lady Eugenie, we are always at the mercy of the weather.  Col uses his years of experience and latest technology to decide where best to anchor.

Depending on the conditions of the wind and atmosphere, that could mean our trip needs to deviate slightly.  The trust that Tasmania Walking Company has in Col as Skipper to create the most comfortable experience is vital.  The result is smooth sailing and a night of beauty sleep.

“The other great thing working for Tasmania Walking Company, they trust us, the staff, to make the decision out here in terms of the weather, where we should be, at the right time,”  Col said as the boat gently rocked in the bay.  “It's great having the support that company to provide the best experience for all of our guests.”