Imagine waking up to the sweet sound of waves lapping, your yacht is gently rocking and breakfast is served.  You marvel at a panoramic view of Darlington Bay while you sip your coffee, it’s one of the moments where you’re caught between a dream and reality.

The Wineglass Bay Sail Walk offers hikers a style of a holiday like no other.  Your home is Lady Eugenie, a comfortable and capable yacht with a crew of enthusiastic and experienced people. This is a holiday where you gorge on mouthwatering food and comfortably rest after hiking mountains, seeing stunning terrains and learning about nature all day.

There is no one element alone that makes a trip great, it’s the combination of delicious food, stunning walks, beautiful locations, great company, a comfortable bed and moments that leave you speechless.

Introducing Paul Finn:  Guest - Tasmanian Walking Company.

At the start of the trip, Paul was wound up, overworked and obviously exhausted.  It was clear that he needed a holiday, but not just any holiday, he needed something that would unwind his years of stress.  

Paul was not looking for a typical holiday, he wanted to experience something new and more importantly, he wanted to experience something extraordinary.

“This trip has just been absolutely fantastic,”  Paul said with a happy and relaxed look on his face.  “It was my first time sailing and I just loved it. I actually haven’t felt so switched off and free in a long time.”

Sailing aboard the Lady Eugenie, Freycinet, Wineglass Bay Sail Walk, Tasmanian Walking Company

A moment above all the rest

One of the locations that Lady Eugenie takes you to on the Wineglass Bay Sail Walk is Maria Island.  Guests are taken to shore early in the morning and aim to reach the summit of Bishop and Clerk for lunch with a view.

Maria Island is stunning, but what makes it interesting is the historical value and diversity of landscape experiences.  From a historical European township to fossils millions of years old, from grassy hills to a Eucalyptus forest. This particular hike is rich in diversity as you continue to approach the summit.

As you look around, you have views of  Schouten Island and the Freycinet Peninsula to the north, and Ile du Nord and Bird Rock just off the northwestern coast of Maria Island.  It’s a feast for your eyes and guests often find themselves in a state of bewilderment as they take in the stunning beauty.

“The absolute highlight for me was Maria Island.  With all the wombats, kangaroos and fossils. Walking past the cliff’s edge and into the forest.” Paul said recollecting some of the experiences he had hiking to the top of Bishop and Clerk. “When we were on top of the mountain, it took my breath away.”

Summit of Bishop & Clerk, Maria Island, Wineglass Bay Sail Walk, Tasmanian Walking Company

What makes a holiday special

When choosing a holiday there are a lot of factors to consider.  For Paul, there was only one thing he really wanted... He wanted to be able to truly stopped.

Removing yourself from your normal experiences and placing yourself on a beautiful yacht, being surrounded by amazing people, seeing dolphins and a plethora of wildlife, hiking to stunning locations and eating beautiful food has a long-lasting impact on you.

“It’s great to be able to have those experiences where you don’t force yourself to stop, the landscape and what you see stops you,” Paul said. “Can you get any better than this? I’m not sure you can.”