Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a refuge for injured, orphaned or sick native Tasmanian wildlife. They play a crucial role in providing care and rehabilitation and are run by a group of dedicated vets, nurses and volunteers. Their 24–hour emergency service is a lifeline for our native species.

In 2018 Bonorong opened Tasmania's first Wildlife Hospital, a facility that provides safety and care to over 6000 sick and injured animals every year. At Tasmanian Walking Company, we are passionate about the natural environment and the animals that reside within it. We are continually focused on conserving and minimising our impact on the natural environment.


Tasmanian Wildlife wombat


"We've got a responsibility to give back to these animals that have come second to us for so many years..." 

Greg Irons, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary 


*For every donation, we'll match it dollar for dollar!  


We get so much out of our ongoing relationship with Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, each year, our Tasmanian Walking Company guides collaborate with Bonorong and undergo interpretation training. This involves upskilling and learning the ins and outs of wildlife conservation and rescue, including how to care for injured and sick animals at home and on the track. We are so fortunate to be able to share the natural environment and exist harmoniously within it with an array of Tasmanian wildlife species.  


Tasmanian Wildlife Echidna

Tasmanian Walking Company guides at interpretation training in 2023. 

Have you heard about our non-profit foundation? 

Founded in 2020, the Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation is an initiative where we centralize our community-focused programs and play a pivotal role in advocating for issues that affect the delicate environments we walk in. This year, we're excited to be supporting the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to raise much-needed funds for the Bonorong Wildlife Hospital.This year we're aiming to raise $20,000, all of which aids in the rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of thousands of Tasmanian species.  


Your donation to the Bonorong Wildlife Hospital Fundraiser is greatly appreciated. 


Please reference Bonorong in your donation message. 

100% of your donation will go towards the 24-hour emergency rescue service, helping Tasmanian wildlife recover from injury and make it back to their home out in the wilderness.