Taking time out to appreciate, be rejuvenated by and give back to nature is at the heart of the Tasmanian Walking Company story. Time out walking in nature offers quiet moments of introspection, through the clarity of mind that only fresh air can usher in. It promises connection with self, by bringing into sharp perspective the beauty and power of the wilderness.  And it inspires us to take seriously our individual and social responsibilities to protect these precious and wild places, as it draws us deeper into that essential relationship between nature and humanity. Our way of walking is designed to preserve what makes natural places so magical, so it’s fitting that we should partner with Earth Hour to take time out for nature later this month. 


Initiated by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia in Sydney in 2007 to get Australians talking about climate change, Earth Hour went global in 2008. This year, Earth Hour is set to be held from 8.30-9.30pm local time on Saturday 25th March, and invites the global community to switch off non-essential lighting for one hour, and to take #timeoutfornature. 

Whether it’s for sixty seconds, sixty minutes, or beyond the hour, taking time out for nature is one way we can all think about and act on steps to conserve our extraordinary natural environment 365 days a year.



When you pledge your participation to Earth Hour this year, you’ll enter the draw to win a luxury walking holiday for two with us. This breathtaking four-day Bay of Fires Lodge Walk explores the pristine east coast of Tasmania, and features accommodation at the award-winning Bay of Fires Lodge overlooking Mt William National Park. Also included in this dream holiday are chef-inspired meals and beverages, a backpack and Gore-tex jacket for the duration of the walk, kayaking, beach swims and foot spas. By simply signing up for Earth Hour, you’ll be in with a chance to win your spot on this immersive journey into coastal landscape - it’s the ideal way to truly take time out for yourself and for nature. 





Departing on 10 October, the walk will be part of the Walk for Wild series, a partnership between Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation and WWF for Nature Australia. Tasmanian Walking Company Foundation’s vision is to inspire people’s connection with nature and cultivate real change, to restore balance to threatened ecosystems, protect vulnerable native animals, and promote sustainable use of wilderness areas. During Walk for Wild, 100% of sales of four of Tasmanian Walking Company’s award-winning walks will help support the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history - WWF’s Regenerate Australia.



So, how can you take time out for nature on March 25 for Earth Hour? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to connect with the natural environment. 


Enjoy some slow TV

Yes, really! Head to the WWF website to catch their 60-minute Slow TV premiere, curated especially to take you into nature from the comfort of your own loungeroom. Featuring slow-paced imagery of incredible Australian landscapes, allow these natural places to calm, ground and inspire you. 


Go power-free

Take the invitation to power down the lights one step further, and disconnect altogether. It’s surprisingly liberating to spend 60 minutes device-free, focusing instead on mindfully connecting to the world around you. It might even create the ideal conditions from which to dream up your next trip into nature!


Get fresh

If it’s safe to get out and about during Earth Hour, hit the pavements (or the road less travelled) for one hour of fresh air wandering. Outdoor walking has plenty of physical and mental health benefits, and a jaunt around your local neighbourhood will offer up a taste of the rewards of a four-day trek in the wilderness with us. 


Come down to earth

As the natural lungs of our planet, trees are our most powerful weapon in reversing the impacts of climate change. An estimated 8,000 trees are bulldozed in Australia every hour, and we can all do our part to set the balance right. Take advantage of Earth Hour by planting native trees in your own backyard or balcony, while enjoying the bonus of an at-home reminder to take time out for nature on a regular basis. 


However you choose to do it, we invite you to take #timeoutfornature this March 25, and every moment you can.