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The Wineglass Bay Sail Walk is the only experience of its kind in Tasmania. A voyage bringing together the very best of Tasmania’s gourmet food and wines, incredible coastal and off-shore island walks, unique Tasmanian wildlife and flora and the surreal magic of sailing aboard the luxurious Lady Eugenie.

The experience is enhanced by the carefully curated menu with a diverse selection of some of the best local produce in Tasmania, crafted into beautiful works of art by the very talented and passionate Mary Hunter.

Introducing Mary Hunter, Tasmania Walking Company

The first thing that strikes you about Mary Hunter is her absolute passion for life.  Every time you arrive at the yacht and board Lady Eugenie, you are met with a wave of enthusiasm. 

In no time at all Mary fills the table full of gourmet cheeses and finger foods and giving you a choice of wine, beer or a cup of tea.

“Take a look at it. I’ve got blue skies, beautiful seas, every day is different. And I get to spend the majority of my time creating beautiful food,” Mary said with the biggest smile on her face.  “I just love it. Everything is colourful. Everything is pretty.”

Wineglass Sail Walk_Chef Mary Hunter

Something to smile about

Some of the hikes that you do on the Wineglass Bay Sail Walk are challenging in that you start early in the morning, walk up a mountain and return back to Lady Eugenie at sunset.  By that stage, you’ve worked up an incredible appetite. 

Being on the yacht is beautiful in itself and something to smile about, but it’s clear that there is a wave of smiles on all the guests as Mary presents dinner.  A combination of colour, beautiful scents and mouthwatering flavours.

There’s something special about the moment when one of Mary’s creations is placed in front of you. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a choir of gratitude for the effort she has gone to, to make tonights meal something worth remembering.

“People when they cook for themselves at home, just feed themselves,” Mary said with absolute conviction. “And it's nice to give them something that they wouldn't necessarily make themselves at home.”

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The art of food starts with passion and ends with satisfaction

Mary’s passion for food goes way beyond a paycheck, her love for cooking extraordinary meals is similar to the passion of an artist. Seeing her reaction to the guest’s reaction as they taste her food is genuinely satisfying, it becomes part of the experience. 

Seeing someone in their element and revelling in the applause is truly inspiring.  It’s rare to meet someone so in love with what they do and somehow this makes the food even better.

“Doing something very different every day is a challenge. But I just get a real kick out of surprising people,” Mary said. “That's the honest answer. If they're stoked, I'm stoked.”