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The Wineglass Bay Sail Walk offers unique hiking experiences with an emphasis on diversity.  From rugged island peaks to giant cliffs, sunset beach walking and sailing with dolphins off Tasmania's East Coast.  Sailing aboard Lady Eugenie provides seamless access to some of Tasmania's best day walks. 

It’s a lot to take in during the four-day or six-day journey, but it’s an experience of a lifetime.  Often guests who talk about their experiences and why they loved the Wineglass Bay Sail Walk use words like speechless, mesmerising, stunning and life-changing. 

Our talented crew ensure a safe and exceptional journey and includes the cool and collected Skipper Col Brookes, the exceptional and creative cook Mary Hunter and Guide Lauren McDermott.

Guide Lauren McDermott, Wineglass Bay Sail Walk, Tasmanian Walking Company

Introducing Lauren Mcdermott: Guide - Tasmania Walking Company

Lauren’s enthusiasm is endearing, not only is she hard working and thoughtful towards her guests, but her passion is contagious.  This is important because the difference between an amazing experience and a mediocre experience is the level of dedication a guide has for their job.

“I come to places like this, completely unspoiled and untouched,” Lauren said.  “I get to share these wonderful little journeys with people.  I love sharing that and meeting and exploring nature and learning and connecting together.”

Guide Lauren McDermott, Trail interpretation, Wineglass Bay Sail Walk, Tasmanian Walking Company

Connections and Genuine Friendships

While listening to Lauren talk about her job, it’s easy to forget that she’s carrying a 15kg pack on her back and has been walking all day.  The job of a guide is certainly not for everyone, it’s about being a giving and caring person.  It goes beyond being responsible for the guests, it requires a willingness to connect with people authentically.

“After four days, you’re like this beautiful little family with amazing new people that come from all walks of life, with their amazing journeys and stories to share,”  Lauren explained.  “So that's why I have the most amazing job in the world.”

Looking for a unique walking experience?

The Wineglass Bay Sail Walk is a totally different way to walk, where the introduction of sails transforms the concept of a great guided walk to deliver the quintessential Tasmanian guided walking holiday. To find out more about this incredible once in a lifetime sail-walk explore the links below or contact our friendly reservations team on (03) 6392 2211 or by email at