We are so thrilled to have featured in the latest episode of Layne Beachley’s travel series Well Traveller, airing on Channel 10 on Sunday 18th December 2022 at 3:30pm.


This travel series focusses on curated wellness holidays, giving people the chance to reconnect with nature and themselves through wellness travel. 

On this episode, Layne travels with Di and Daz to Tasmania, on the hunt for wellness experiences to refresh and reinvigorate their lifestyle after the last few years of lengthy COVID lockdowns.

Their first stop is at our new off-the-grid Tasman Camp on our Three Capes Long Weekendwalk. Di and Daz stay in our new camp, looking out towards panoramic views of Cape Raoul and enjoy a morning climb to the top of Mt Brown, and the sweeping views to the Tasman National Park and the iconic Three Capes Track.  

On their curated wellness journey, Di and Daz; 

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