The Only Guided Walk to All Three Capes 

If you love a challenge and an adventure, you're going to LOVE our latest offering: Three Capes Adventure Walk (5 day). This is the only guided walk where you traverse all three iconic capes along the Three Capes Track and stay at our exclusive lodges within the Tasman National Park. 

Five days, Three Capes 

This isn't just a walk—it's an adventure that promises to challenge and inspire, offering unparalleled opportunities for discovery. The Three Capes Track is renowned for its towering sea cliffs, dramatic panoramic vistas, and diverse ecosystems. Spanning 75 kilometres along the Tasman Peninsula, this wild wonderland is the perfect playground for our new adventure. Over five days, you'll traverse Cape Raoul, Pillar and Hauy, as well as conquering Mount Fortescue and climbing the infamous Blade - a steep ascent with mesmerising views of Tasman Island worth every grunt to get up there.  

Cape Raoul - Three Capes Adventure Cape Pillar - Three Capes Adventure Walk Twc_Three_Capes_Day_4_Jbe_141

Images: Left: Cape Raoul. Middle: Cape Pillar. Right: Cape Hauy

You asked and we listened 

Evolving from our popular 3-day Adventure Walk, this extended experience offers a more rigorous and challenging journey in length than our Signature or Long Weekend experiences. Perfect for those who crave a challenge, this unique adventure will take you across greater distances, foster new connections and provide the immense satisfaction of conquering all three capes.  

Exclusive Lodges within the National Park 

Where we rest at the end of a day's walk matters. Our accommodations offer refuge, comfort and warmth. Night one sees us haul up in our Tasman Camp, a secluded off-grid retreat consisting of large canvas tents complete with comfortable, warm beds and a communal dining room and deck – the perfect place to relax, unwind and get to know each other. From Day Two we move onto our exclusive lodges within the Tasman National Park. Discreetly nestled into the natural environment, from the track you wouldn't even know they existed. Here, you'll experience a unique blend of comfort and wilderness. You'll be greeted with cake fresh from the oven, drinks at the ready and plenty of time to sink into the lush couches by the fire admiring the epic views. If you're up for a challenge off the track, perhaps a refreshing dip in the cold plunge pool at Pillar Lodge, or if you prefer to soothe tired muscles with a massage instead, book a treatment at our Relaxation Pavillion with our in-house spa therapist instead.  


Three Capes - Exclusive lodges inside the national park Cape Pillar Lodge - Bedrooms Cape Pillar Lodge - Spa Treatments


Images: Cape Pillar Lodge

Challenge & Reward 

Three Capes Adventure Walk is more than just a hike; it's an opportunity to challenge yourself, connect with nature, and switch off from the stress of daily life. It's an opportunity to overcome physical and mental challenges that come with sustained endurance, and to come out the other side with a deep sense of personal accomplishment. Every step is a testament to your own resilience and determination, making the reward at the end of each day so much more than the stunning vistas and luxurious lodges.  

So lace up the boots and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  

Are you up for the challenge?