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This is a very different walking holiday, where sailing unlocks an unrivalled walking experience, one that is not anchored to roads or terrestrial accommodation.  

Such versatility provides unique opportunities.  Superb three-course dinners can be served aboard the decks of the Lady Eugenie or upon white linen tables on pristine secluded beaches lapped by turquoise waters.  

Exquisite island and coastal walks, seldom visited can now be seamlessly connected, like never before.  And the voyage between walks is no longer that of seat belts and winding roads; rather an almost utopian alternative immersing you in the thrill of being on the open water.  

This is a journey where dolphins ride the bow wave, sea birds glide between sails and seals lounge basking in the sun on passing islands.

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Introducing Wendy James:  Guest - Tasmania Walking Company

It was the last day of the Wineglass Bay Sail Walk trip.  We had sailed to Maria Island, Schouten Island and made our way to the famous Wineglass Bay.  

At this point, we were sitting in a vineyard sampling wine and found ourselves in a dreamlike state thinking about the experience of what had just happened. When asking Wendy what she thought about her experience, she was almost lost for words.

“I have just had the most amazing six-day adventure. I just can't believe really that it's happened,”  Wendy said smiling like a kid in a candy store.

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Exploring the Islands off the Coast of Tasmania

Wineglass Bay has become famous and with that fame, the number of tourists there has increased.  While it is true that it is a beautiful place, there are other beaches that you can only access by boat and as such, offer guests unique experiences.

“I never ever imagined that I would ever have the opportunity to actually walk on Schouten Island,”  Wendy said with disbelief. “To walk up to Bear Hill and to see our yacht anchored down in the bay way below us, with the sun setting in the background, it was just an absolutely magical moment for me.”

Enriched minds and full-flavoured experiences

Each new day brings a diverse range of experiences.  From a new beach to walk on, a mountain to hike up, a story to learn from or a sunset to take your breath away.  

All of these experiences are wonderful and they are enriched by the food on offer.  With a creative chef who is passionate about delicious and beautiful food, the guests are never hungry and always impressed.

“The food was absolutely amazing,”  Wendy said recalling some of the many dishes she ate. “Always something different. Always something beautiful.”

Open your eyes to new experiences

The type of experience offered by the Wineglass Bay Sail Walk is a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip.  The combination of comfort and challenges guests face when hiking during the day and resting on a yacht is unique.

The landscape of Tasmania is world class and by exploring via a yacht offers you a chance to see places that are more remote and otherwise impossible to get to.

The result is experiencing what most people only dream of.

“It's just such a fantastic thing to do,” Wendy said, speaking from her heart. “You meet absolutely wonderful people. You get to see amazing places and I think it's good to just, maybe step outside your comfort zone and stretch the boundaries and open your eyes to new experiences.”